Camel So Skinny His Humps Collapsed Hot shoeing a draft horse is a tough 2 days ago   09:46

The Dodo
This camel was so neglected and hungry that his humps collapsed. But the right people found him, helped him grow, and watched in awe as he ran free for the very first time.

"You can support Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch here: and keep up with them on Facebook to follow Bubba's journey:

To help South Florida SPCA save more animals like Bubba, you can support them here: You can also follow them on Facebook:

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A second video is highly requested. I know he is rescued but i want to see if his hump is or can be normal once again.
God bless these people & animals they’ve been saving
Christina Dobbs
I have visited Black Beauty Ranch....I want to live there
Dogs And Fries
Bubba is so wholesome my heart 😍
West Winds
Thanks for your good work. It's truly heartwarming in light of their previous lives. :)
Gabriel Lunoch
What a gentle beauty. Thanks to everyone who helped put a spring back in his step. God bless.
Douglas Harley
what an intelligent and sensitive creature! glad he ended up in the perfect spot.
Shandele Broyles
Krispy Donut
I love Bubba so much.
Eunae Kim
For all of you who play Skyrim, this is Alteration 100, Restoration 100 and, with regard to how they got him into the trailer, Sneak 100!
Broken Oven
“ *tHoSe hUmPs wErE fLiPpiNg aNd fLapPinG, LoOk LiKe a 90 yEaR oLd wOmaN* ”
Natalie Hummel
He seemed to like the sand and dust to roll in. He needs a sandbox in the pasture. Lol
Cried the whole time.ll
Edit: until the farts came....
Celina Fernández
Thanks for saving this animal!!
Celina Fernández
That's a camel from the asian steppe. What is he doing there. Should be with individuals of his own species and in the environment to which he is adapted. Poor animal. Can't reproduce itself. It's not a matter of being fed only. He deserves much more
this is so great. thank you for saving this camel that suffered so much
Serenity Connett
Take a shot everytime they say freedom.....of water because hydration.
Aww the poor baby, he is so cute. My heart.
Rohit Dutta
I couldn't support you financially so I subscribed your channel
Hes like:

"This green sand is weird"
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Hot shoeing a draft horse is a tough Camel So Skinny His Humps Collapsed 2 days ago   12:38

Farrier is Stenn Schuermans.
Hoefsmid Stenn Schuermans uit Lier toont vakmanschap.
Het paard is van de familie De Wachter uit Beerzel (Putte)

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