Trump Just Wants To Be On Primetime For Fact’s Sake: The Donald Trump 2 days ago   11:18

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Richard Hedd
Why hasn’t impeachment started? The mueller report isn’t needed. Trumps impeachable right now! “Hell no, the loser has got to go!”
Tap water and hard-boiled toast.
NPC 8772
Orange man bad.
DanGan808 Ella
Oh Captain Marvel, where art thou? I’d pay money to watch a movie where she smacks Donald around for 2 hrs! Hell yea!
Samuel hedges
When I first clicked on the video I thought Trump had been teaching Argand Diagrams and was like wtf
Maria Allen
Everybody clap for stevie Colbert Americas toilet brush!!!!
Team Random
Trump is a complete joke, but the people who follow him are much worse mindless.
Gloria Cook
JohnCook Australia 🇦🇺. It’s official. Trump is not a fair dinkum American born citizen. That’s right . Little Donnie was born in Chernobyl and was adopted by the Trump family. He was exposed to radiation poisoning and he will be suffering from some strange symptoms. Discoloring of the skin is common and tint hands. Not being able to tell the truth and a very low IQ are also giveaways. Claiming you are a genius and declaring that you know everything about everything is another problem for the patient of radiation poisoning. Our case study also had a problem with cats 🐈 in that he always wanted to grab them.
There is a cure for this affliction that involves locking the patient in a padded cell for several years . Maybe 36 years should be enough.
Benny Ayala
Humpy Trumpy tried to build a HATE wall
Humpy Trumpy sat an his wall
Humpy Trumpy had a great fall
All of Fox men and all of Fox and Friends tried to put Humpy Trumpy back together again
Brigada JAH
"By land air and sea"?? Shawty thinkin bout the military
Grim Sleeper
Sarah Sanders looks like a juicy chicken leg with a syndrome.
Something Better88
trump bashing is getting old...
Trump campaign ya burnt!
Jonathan Simon
Lorna Nunez
Really trump can't see that if he use that wall mony to make shore veteran's life are better. He would get a lot of votes RESPECT & good carma.
Cloud Variable
You know you like math too much when you realize you came here just because of the thumbnail...
17 thousand people with criminal histories, wow, that's almost absolutely no-where near the hundreds of thousands of AMERICANS being affected by the government shutdown.
InterestsMayVary 4432
Mike Pence, uber Christian. Has no problem lying (which is on God's top ten list) but cannot abide homosexuality which barely got a mention in the entire book. Yay, Christian hypocrisy!
Jeff John
Putin has video of minor female prostitutes urinating on him. Trump is is more than sick. He is a creation of his sick parents. He was a sociopath , psychotic made, by his upbringing. Watch the the Andrew quianin show on Netflix. The man, trump is physcoctic.
Lenard Brown
The GOP had control of the House and Senate when Benedict Donald slimmed into office. They could have the passed the Wall Bill the first day. The GOP and BD have had had two years of total control to pass funding for the wall.
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For Fact’s Sake: The Donald Trump Trump Just Wants To Be On Primetime 2 days ago   07:39

The Trump administration claims there are thousands of terrorists and criminals coming over the border from Mexico. For Fact’s Sake! NBC’s Julia Ainsley joins Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle to prove this is completely false, and fact-check the president on other claims about the border and immigration.
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For Fact’s Sake: The Donald Trump Admin Has Border Crossings All Wrong | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

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