Technically this gun should be a FELONY, Only Dragon Man has this on Display 1 day ago   14:02

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Demolition Ranch Tees here! Comes with a free hug if I catch you wearing it.

Watch me vlog.
IF you love animals

"Club Diver" by Kevin MacLeod from
Outro music by MDK,

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Philip Cooper
Fuck me, the brain of Britain's going to be shitting his pants with this splendid piece of yank intelligentsia.
WTF was that intro all about
Dedu gissa vad Jag heter
Frank Church
Send the shoes back and tell them u want ur money back. They are defective.
Prescott Caliber Club
I wasn't able to understand what made these legal. I was traveling and trying to watch on my cell phone. Anyone catch what makes it legal to fire 2 shots with 1 function of the trigger? 

Also, you should do a video where you try to figure out if they will ever cross paths and if so, how far out??? Hmmmmm. Come on Matt.
bill jenkins
This guy is a douche
You can't be telling me no one else was freaked out the skin of that watermelon just ripped off after being frozen!!?!?!?!
Jeff Nixon
Went from steel toe to gone toe with the snake lol
Mike Smith
SOOOOOOO what's the ANSWER???
John Doe
"stupid shoes on instagram" instantly knew what you were talking about
jovoya hicks
Nice shoes and I've been watching you for three years you need a show
Brady Moore
The nail thing with those shoes is an illusion, they fold the first one so it isn't even trying to break through, and when they stomp all of them they have so many it distributes the load so none of them break through. Same concept as a bed of nails. You stomp one nail in these things and you're going to the ER
Meteor Gamer
Shoots steel toe with 12 gauge; somehow still perfectly sane
Tomáš Merašický
Idiot does exist shoes what stop round of the gun!!!
Chuck Weaver
Lol this dude is a dork anda half, but yeah I'll be hitting the like button.
CrZy_ Panda
Zayd Abbas
Mmm I love uncertified steel toes
Jonathan Thrue
Cuts a Big hole in the front of the shoe
Shoots the steel toe with a 12g shotgun
“Probably a design flaw that the steel toe falls out under stress”
Grant C.
I don't think that I've ever seen a more useless gun in my life. To begin with, for it to be a 22 magnum is a waste of powder because the barrels being so short there's no way that you'll get full velocity or muzzle energy from the magnum round. You'd be just as well off using a 22LR if not a short. Second, you basically only have 4 shots, not 8. Just because you get 2 little chunks of lead rather than 1 won't really matter. If I was to use a 22 magnum for self-defense I'd use the Kel_Tec PMR 30, at least then I'd have 30 little chunks of lead to throw at an attacker. And the longer barrel would help get more muzzle energy and velocity from the round. You didn't say how much the silly little thing cost but whatever it was it probably wasn't that much of a difference from the PMR 30. Even if they gave it away you were still ripped off.
M Whitelaw
I'll bet it's real quiet when it's up against somebody's gut
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Only Dragon Man has this on Display Technically this gun should be a FELONY, 1 day ago   12:30



It's cold in the Museum so Dragon Man took out some cool stuff to show you. If you watch this channel a lot you might have seen some of these already.

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