China Uses Renewable Energy Ancient Free Energy Device 1 day ago   10:51

Richard Aguilar
Not only does China plant trees and vegetation to combat desertification, but they are also installing more and more solar plants in their vast desert areas to stop or at least prevent this desert from expanding.

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So in this video you will see 6 their desert regions wherein they already installed solar plants to generate renewable energy.

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Sherryl Keith
Just look and learn much more about it from Avasva website.
01djole Ђорђевић
I look forward to seeing your outstanding reports in the world of technology.
Vannic Wolf
Always keeping it fresh, Thank you for your hard work!
peter tuann
not nearly enuf, China has to plant 1 trillion trees, hold back the desert and create more oxygen, taking CO2 out of atmosphere
Necholaz Ganz
Amazing . . . China can be a green country one day. 😍 There will be immesurable blessings.
China uses STOLEN property from other people!
China is amazing
Solar 4U
Good systems
Great insight into the build just subscribed and it’s a nice compact turbine I also have built a homemade 650 watts wind turbine, a treadmill motor turbine and a little but powerful ametek 30v turbine and built 2 diy solar panels, be careful in high winds one of my first turbines blew up 😕and now have only 2 wonderful turbines working daily 😊it’s very satisfying watching those things working, keep up the good work buddy 👍
GV Channel
I wonder what is yield of using mirror vs solar panel
The Chinese are investing heavily in South Africa. At first I thought the plant you showed was in SA. I left mining to concentrate on renewable energy-best move ever.
Is Richard Chinese? his name is Philippino so why the interest in China? Just curious
Lounge lizard
Please leave captions on the screen longer!
Guy's do you ever look at your own video's? It might be a good idea...
The contents are not an's the is nothing short of creepy...sorry lads if I the one that has to break the bad news
Maybe it's a cultural difference but...Good luck with the channel...anyway.
Javier Guzman
B. 0
Faisal R
I thought you were both from Indonesia
Ahmar Ahmar
Nice video
Tara Aliyeva
This is....... IMPRESSIVE!
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Ancient Free Energy Device China Uses Renewable Energy 1 day ago   18:31


Hey guys, I finally managed to build a perpetual motion device, or a free energy device based on the ancient Indian design by Bhaskara. On the internet, you will mostly see this model, where bottles are attached to the circumference of a wheel, filled with water. But this is not the actual Bhaskara's design. I built the Bhaskara’s wheel based on the original design by Bhaskara. Now what this has, is that it has hollow tubes for spokes and inside these tubes Bhaskara wants us to fill mercury. Now I am going to demonstrate how this perpetual motion device actually works. And I do have mercury so stay tuned and watch till the end of the video and let me know what do you think.

Now, Who is this Bhaskara? Bhaskara also known as Bhaskara the Learned, is an ancient Indian mathematician as well as an astronomer, who lived about 900 years ago. He was the very first person to think of a perpetual motion machine, a wheel that would run forever. He also made several key discoveries including the principles of differential calculus, 500 years before Isaac Newton.

He realized that in this setup, the liquid would keep moving inside, leaving one side of the wheel perpetually heavier than the other, turning the wheel forever. But why do we need a wheel that runs forever?

If we can invent anything that can run forever, then we could get free energy. Today we are buying energy from external sources, but what if there is a machine which can run on its own, then we can tap into it, and make light bulbs glow or run fans, without paying for electricity. This is why devices like the Bhaskara's wheel are called Free Energy Devices. Sometimes, they are also known as Overunity Devices because they operate at an efficiency of more than 100%. If we make a device like this, we can get an unlimited supply of electricity.

#FreeEnergy #Overunity #PerpetualMotion

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