idubbbz gets a speeding ticket Getting New Shoes - AUS Vlog 2 days ago   11:01

In this family friendly vlog the human characters travel from one point to another. They break human laws (enforcement tactics), and remark about other species misfortune at the heritage zoo in prescott, AZ.



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3:00 fuckin jar jar binks lookin ass
Yeet God
My grandpa fought in Korea
I am not nigga but yellow
ring .5x
It’s kinda funny how we jus ignore iddubz saying the n word and hating gays lmao, it’s kinda cool cuz we all jus accepted his facts and let it slide with him
thanks for going to my state :)
I see someone's got s little poop in their testicles. 🤨🤨🤨
"I want to see him do it on a slab of jello" HAHAHA! WTF!
Fallout Gaming
I wish I know you were in arizona
Jose Jimenez
I live in Arizona
Gaming Ballz
Such a cute couple
I just realized while I scrolled thru the comments how many people are fucking idiots who don't understand humor
Jack .N
Your friend sounds like Matpatt
james Sierra
0:18 my eyes
Josh Teichler
My name is Joshua
They crossed a chicken with a duck.
my name chef
Woah, 2 months exactly
Dave Dave
5:57 sounds like shaggy
A weird Potato
Uneducated Erudite
That racoon washed his fuckin food.
Honza Kočka
Hey guys, anyone knows the name of the song from the video? I mean the whistle one (in case there are more). Thanks
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Getting New Shoes - AUS Vlog idubbbz gets a speeding ticket 2 days ago   05:26

In this video we go to an airbnb, shop for some toys, buy some shoes, reminisce about old times, and we grab a pint. Thanks for watching, folks



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