Finally: a Ram Rebel That Looks New Ram Rebel vs New Power Wagon: We Put Them 2 days ago   19:23

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In this episode of the Ram Rebel Rouser we lift our Ram Rebel and put it on 35-inch tall tires. We use the first available 2019 Ram 1500 Falcon off-road shocks and Toyo Open Country ATII tires to make the Rebel Rouser awesome.

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Dean Pelletier
As a new Raptor owner, I had to watch this. What a 'click-bait'. No comparison.
Jason Moyle
You are still using the reporter who can't speak english correctly!
Daven Moralez
All trucks should come stock leveled in my opinion
Watch out for those front stub shafts... broke one in a rental on the 4th. Also, IMHO, those tires are a downgrade...
Not real crazy about the truck but i love how pumped andre is. Like a big kid haha. If he likes it, good for him😉👍
Edin Likovic
Not possible 👎🏻
Shouldn’t whoever installs your larger tires recalibrate your speedometer for you too? Just wondering because they didn’t show that in this video.
Jacob Beattie
Is that rebel with the airbag suspension that’s stock on models
Nate M
You need to take the sway bars off especially the front and you will get more out of it because it will allow the front end to act independently per its design. All us desert guys take sway bars off first thing when you start messing with suspension and travel.
Jeremy Smurr
Let's talk about that full size 4x4 red van.... After the new RTI score
Slippschitts Hey
The ram will rust out and fall apart within 3 years
Dirty Harry
Boys step away from the tail pipe fumes..... or wacky tabackie
Joel Spaulding
Beadlocks are illegal on the street....
Jason Larsen
That light bar......
Jason Larsen
As much as you guys obsess with squat why would not lift the rear?
James Turner
I think that was a waist of money . Should have been a minimum of a 3 inch lift . But nice truck
Salvage Gaming
you didn't think about offset did you? A little offset makes a truck look more badass than it did before(unless it's a chevy. Chevys look shitty from the start)
dope house
Dodge RAM IS TRASH transmission on these trucks are trash PEOPLE DONT BUY THESE TRUCKS THEY ARE NO GOOD
David Taylor
The Raptor is in a class by itself but I've always thought the Rebel was the best looking of the rest and this build makes it better. Minus the sport bar.
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New Ram Rebel vs New Power Wagon: We Put Them Finally: a Ram Rebel That Looks 2 days ago   24:53

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