Apple Shows Off Three New iPhones, Apple's iPhone 11 and 11 Pro keynote in 14 minutes 2 days ago   01:21

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Sep.10 -- CEO Tim Cook showed off three new “Pro” iPhone models at the company’s annual event in Cupertino. The iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone Pro Max all feature better cameras and improved battery life. The tech giant also gave details about its streaming service TV+ and unveiled new models of the Apple Watch.

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Why soooooooooooooo loud 🤮👿 I thought my ears fly away 👎
Monish Choudhary
Shoutout to the intern who made this
enrique tejada
Lol ? 🧐
$5 streaming and an iPhone for $700. Hmm. It seems to me Apple is trying to make amends for the price-gouging they did with their monitor stand earlier this year.
Ronnie Smith
I’ll stick with the 10x max! What a let down!! If I wanted a camera, I’d buy one... Apple is so focused on nonsense now... it’s a mockery of what it used to be. My sound is constantly deteriorating, since I bought the iPhone X... SOUND ON A PHONE IS IMPORTANT TOO!! Looks like it’s time to invest in something else!!
The ugliest Iphone ever made
Commercial Communication
Apple is evil now. They make phones for over $1000.00, they monopolize and structure the business for perpetual planned obsolescence, perpetual upgrades, perpetual payments. Tracking people, creating webs that force you to buy what you do not want, overpriced, obscene prices, back doors, billions upon billions of profits stashed over seas, slave wages, tax evaders, polluters, sneaky, greed, greed, greed. EVIL
Do they even care anymore they probably know isheep will get it anyways
In 2k19 and I still have the iPhone 6s . Works great
Shrek Inc.
In usual apple tradition just improve camera and battery life nothing special this is why i prefer android
Christian Fakelastname
I just bought a fuckin 10 damn it
Ms. Pretty Vain
How about a Willy Wonka special edition iPhone 11? 🤔#iPhone
It’s so ugly. I still have the 8 plus
Ludwig Von aids
Bryan Martinez
Does the camera spin?.it looks a freakin revolver 🤣.
Bella Bee
I’m sorry but I don’t like the 3 cameras
Ok is official apple is dead or rotten i will say!!
Good and all but why is the camera a fidget spinner?
CANT jailbreak it!
Brigilda Turmalaj
bruh the iphone 11 is hella ugly ngl
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Apple's iPhone 11 and 11 Pro keynote in 14 minutes Apple Shows Off Three New iPhones, 2 days ago   13:51

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