Finally SELLING my Audi R8!! Bad News Regarding my Ford GT Application. 2 days ago   13:09

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Axel Wernberg:

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Nitrokidd 2
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭The R8 is my dream car
Benj_Jenkin2 -
Talha Umer
No more tony stark no more r8. Rip
Rockyaye 999
What does asap mean
Tell berlacker to stop talking with his hands it makes him look very nervous and basically just makes him look like a rookie
Convoy 16
Can I has it
Saphira Saph
R.i.p r8😭😭😭😭😭😭😟😟😟 whyyy whyyy btw love you 😍
Too Kool Cruz
What type of dog is Oskar
irish gamer
Rap the gallado purple to
Death Gamez
Should have got black rims on the lambo
Project Sillywrunner
yo you think the lambo adventador is fast try getting the tesla roadster 2.0 that thing will blow you away and its only 256k
David Acuff
Very nice drone shots
Cecilia Brown
Hey you check my rap
Omer AbdulAziz
The interior and exterior of the aventador is so conflicting...
Sean 6
That place you guys were chilling at on the lake was so bautiful
Viji Sures
Get a r8 v10 plus and pot the same exhaust of your aventador
tjgaming Yt
Buy a 2019 Audi r8
Mahmoud Rafih
i love the white wheels on your lamboghini aventador
Shakeel Ahmed
Bye a gtr
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Bad News Regarding my Ford GT Application. Finally SELLING my Audi R8!! 2 days ago   13:12

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