Sean Patton - When Life Louie Anderson - My Brother the Safecracker 1 day ago   15:39

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A confusing incident in which a man exposed himself to a teenage Sean Patton and his friends winds up having all kinds of unexpected consequences. (Contains strong language.)

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Now hosted by Roy Wood Jr., This Is Not Happening features long-form storytelling from stand-up comedians, musicians and more. These outrageous stories show why real-life experiences always make the best material.

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Comedy Central Stand-Up
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Michael S
I love how he's telling a weed story while his pupils are dilated AF
o o
the one guy going ha aa a a a ha a a aha aha a a aha a a
This dude looks like a fusion between two of my best friends 🤔😂
Brian Ortiz
What did the old guy say 😂😂
Man, that guy with the mustache. Must be a laugh riot at parties.
the one guy in the crowd hah hah hah

if you look he laughs like a insane man
That laugh, I can’t watch it .
ghetto Doughnut
this dude in the audience is so annoying
You kids must have been terrible at rolling a blunt
The last 7 minutes or so kind of ruined it should have just stuck to the story
Kyle Hendershot
Am I the only one that used to think/still thinks that he's standing with the crowd surrounding him vs a mirror? And the gold thing is just a pole.
Thomas Tolson
APeZ_CBo 85
Funny ass story😂
trying to eat during this is very very challenging
Max Vigil
that one fucking dude obnoxiously laughing ruins this
Live Lively
This. One. Guy. Won’t. Laugh. Normally. And I want his head.
Michael Barnard
They met satan 😂
Gage Foreman
ope I found the dumbass laughing
Gage Foreman
Damn I wonder if I can get through this with that annoying ass laugh
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Louie Anderson - My Brother the Safecracker Sean Patton - When Life 1 day ago   13:23

Louie Anderson's whole family has something to say when the FBI comes around looking for his safecracker of a brother.

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