Ukraine and Russia on the brink of war? Vostok 2018: Russia and China 1 day ago   07:07

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Ukraine has imposed martial law in parts of the country. Ukraine's president said it was necessary to prevent the "extremely serious" threat of a Russian invasion. The move follows Russia's seizure of Ukrainian warships off the disputed Crimean Peninsula. A number of Western nations have condemned Moscow, but the Kremlin insists that it was provoked. At an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council, US envoy Nikki Haley said Russia had committed an "outrageous violation" of Ukraine's sovereignty.

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Timothy C
Russia will start World War 3, calling it now.
putin some work
Russia supports seperatists in Ukraine but doesn't allow Chechnya to secede --> double standards
veazy v
desperately trying to challenge nato. keep stretching those resources 😃. You’ll lose Cuba soon.
wolę myśleć
Respect for Ukraine heroes from Poland.
NO for russian agressive.
Is the UN just the principals office for countries?
Ukraine will regret the war
Who cares let the war begin Ukraine will be a Part of Russia
You Need Jesus
Reptilian politicians trying to instigate WW3 in Ukraine.
just some gangbangers fighting over a turf, nothing to see here
Word of God
Russia you have a a purpose and y’all are making it happen god bless your nation !
Read this you Anti-Russian racist trolls! The Crimean went through series of conquests and invasions; by the early medieval period it had been settled by Scythians (Scytho-Cimmerians), Tauri, Greeks, Romans, Goths, Huns, Bulgars, Kipchaks and Khazars. In the medieval period, it was acquired partly by (KIEVAN RUS) but fell to the Mongol invasions as part of the Golden Horde. They were followed by the Crimean Khanate and the Ottoman Empire, which conquered the coastal areas as well, in the 15th to 18th centuries. In 1783, the Ottoman Empire was defeated by Catherine the Great. Crimea was TRADED TO RUSSIA by the Ottoman Empire as part of the Treaty provision. After TWO CENTURIES of CONFLICT, the RUSSIAN FLEET had DESTROYED the Ottoman navy and the RUSSIAN ARMY had inflicted heavy defeats on the Ottoman land forces. The ensuing Treaty of Küçük Kaynarca forced the Sublime Porte to recognize the Tatars of the Crimea as politically independent. Catherine the Great's INCORPORATION of the Crimea in 1783 from the defeated Ottoman Empire into the RUSSIAN EMPIRE increased Russia's power in the BLACK SEA AREA. The Crimea was the first Muslim territory to slip from the sultan's suzerainty. The Ottoman Empire's frontiers would
gradually shrink for another two centuries, and Russia would proceed to push her frontier westwards to the Dniester. In 1954, the Soviet government transferred Crimea from the Russian Soviet Federation of Socialist Republics (RSFSR) to the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic(UkrSSR). Basically Soviet Russia borrowed Crimea to Soviet Ukraine which at that time Ukraine was still a Soviet territory! so now History repeats its self time came for Russia to take whats rightfully theirs! before the NATO forces and Yankees take it and turn in into a Military base against Russia! You think Russia will standby and watch? No why? 1. History 2. Russian Speaking people 3. Land 4. Military Strategy and access to Black Sea! 5. Russian Naval Base
Bleeding Snow
Ukraine before Euromaiden and US intervention;
Lived in peace, affordable living, coexistence
Ukraine after;
War, economy crash, segregation, promotion of fascism, and pensions virtually non existent.
Rolly Son
Crimea is Ukraine land Russia has no rights to take its from Ukraine.
vallejo ca
Hey Russia🖕😶🖕
All Ukraine had to do was tell him they're going through there and there wouldn't be any problem. somebody wants them to go through there so that Ukrainian ships get blown up Ukrainian sailors get killed and then the certain country would put a base there or two or three or four
Vusu Lallana
If you are a usa puppet then your good or not youre a dictator
Niki Haley talks about Russian Aggression after the -USA- CIA has invaded or overthrown or meddled in -every single- almost every country in the world.
And anyone who doesn't "SIDE WITH" the -Americans- CIA, must automatically either be on the side of "the terrorists" or a Russian troll. American logic! Winning!
Can we finally just nuke russia?
evansdrad The celtic nationalist
on the brink of war ? *(aren't they already at war)*
Aleksandras Lisauskas
It looks like there is no international waters according to RuSSia. And RuSSia do not respect treatys it sign for. RuSSia could not be trusted.
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Vostok 2018: Russia and China Ukraine and Russia on the brink of war? 1 day ago   06:05

VLADIMIR Putin today vowed to strengthen his mighty army and supply it with even more weapons as he watched Russia's biggest war games since the fall of the Soviet Union.

The Vostok 2018 (Восток) drills - taking place in eastern Siberia close to the border with China - involve 300,000 Russian troops as well as joint exercises with the Chinese army.

"This is the first time our army and fleet have undergone such a difficult and large-scale test," said President Putin.

The exercises, that involve over a thousand military aircraft as well as up to 36,000 tanks, come amid tense relations between Russia and the West that have fallen to a post-Cold War low.

Speaking at the Tsugol firing range about 80 miles north of the border with China, Putin said Russia was a peaceful country ready for cooperation with any state interested in partnership, but that it was a soldier's duty to be ready to defend his country and its allies.

"Therefore we are going to further strengthen our armed forces, supply them with the latest generations of weapons and equipment, develop international military partnership," he said.

The Chinese media have described the People's Liberation Army involvement in the drills as the country's largest-ever dispatch of forces abroad for war games.

Russia has said it is showcasing methods developed during its military intervention in Syria, giving Chinese forces - which haven't fought in a war since 1979 - a glimpse of real combat skills.

The five-day mock battles involve more than DOUBLE the number of recruits currently in the entire British armed forces.

NATO has already condemned the war games as a rehearsal for "large-scale conflict” - and experts say they are without doubt the largest in modern Russian history.

"It fits into a pattern we have seen over some time - a more assertive Russia, significantly increasing its defence budget and its military presence,” warned an alliance spokesman.

The Russian army has compared the show of force to the USSR's 1981 Zapad war games that saw around 150,000 Warsaw Pact soldiers take part in the largest military exercises of the Soviet era.

Yet the drills - to take place across several training grounds - will dwarf even this notorious exercise when it comes to scale.

Military leaders released video footage of military vehicles, planes, helicopters and ships getting into position for the initial stage of the drills.

The jaw-dropping numbers involved in the Vostok-2018 include:
Around 300,000 battle-ready Russian troops.
More than 1,000 planes, helicopters, and drones.
36,000 tanks and armoured personnel carriers.
More than 80 ships and naval support vessels.
An estimated 30 aircraft from the Chinese air force.
Mongolian troops will also join the battles.
Russia has one million military personnel in total.

Putin’s spokesman said last month that maintaining Russia's defence capabilities is "justified, needed and has no alternative" as rival powers are "frequently quite aggressive and unfriendly”.

The Russian army is rolling out its latest weaponry - Iskander missiles that can carry nuclear warheads, T-80 and T-90 tanks and its recent Su-34 and Su-35 fighter planes.

At sea, the Russian fleet is deploying several frigates equipped with Kalibr missiles that have been used in Syria.

For weeks Russia has been preparing for the drills - at one point closing a road so planes could land near Khabarovsk, and firing missiles from land, surface and submarine at a target in the Sea of Okhotsk.

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