Ukraine and Russia on the brink of war? After Russia's Ukraine incursion, 2 days ago   07:07

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Ukraine has imposed martial law in parts of the country. Ukraine's president said it was necessary to prevent the "extremely serious" threat of a Russian invasion. The move follows Russia's seizure of Ukrainian warships off the disputed Crimean Peninsula. A number of Western nations have condemned Moscow, but the Kremlin insists that it was provoked. At an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council, US envoy Nikki Haley said Russia had committed an "outrageous violation" of Ukraine's sovereignty.

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Rolly Son
Crimea is Ukraine land Russia has no rights to take its from Ukraine.
vallejo ca
Hey Russia🖕😶🖕
All Ukraine had to do was tell him they're going through there and there wouldn't be any problem. somebody wants them to go through there so that Ukrainian ships get blown up Ukrainian sailors get killed and then the certain country would put a base there or two or three or four
Vusu Lallana
If you are a usa puppet then your good or not youre a dictator
Niki Haley talks about Russian Aggression after the -USA- CIA has invaded or overthrown or meddled in -every single- almost every country in the world.
And anyone who doesn't "SIDE WITH" the -Americans- CIA, must automatically either be on the side of "the terrorists" or a Russian troll. American logic! Winning!
Can we finally just nuke russia?
on the brink of war ? *(aren't they already at war)*
The Boss
Its clear the paid trolls are USA origin with perfect english and punctuation not ordinary people who hate the illigitimate Ukraine government for killing their own people.
Aleksandras Lisauskas
It looks like there is no international waters according to RuSSia. And RuSSia do not respect treatys it sign for. RuSSia could not be trusted.
Foufou DeepAk
America (Israel) wants to destroy every country that does not agree with its irrational humiliating strategies ! Ukraine is a time bomb that America is counting on to keep Russia weak. God bless Russia. Ukraianians who are backed by the West seem girly, trashy & zero Dignity. Ukrainians Need to know that America is Never your friend, America is a notorious mafioso, it uses you against your neighbors and then Turns against you or Triggers some other nation against you. Israeli (satanic) mentality as always ! He lures you to Sin and deceives you and then Leaves you facing the consequences helpless & alone.
Will Will
So they have already been at war....what is this..the "official" version?
Artem Bohdanko Kazimir
Crimea shouldn’t belong to Russia it’s not even connected to Russia they literally had to invade Ukraine and take regions from Ukraine to get to Crimea 🇺🇦
Darth Vader
Never Knew Ukraine had an army. Crush them Russia, from your allies in China and India.
Dodo Animated
but im half russian american and ukrainian

edit so if i have reply saying "russian troll" if your ukrainian or american you said that to same which is the same race as yours period
Андрей Инкогнито
Это пиздец, я не хочу тут жить.
Jon Con
Who the fuck do these people think they are to tell Russia what they can and can’t do to protect their country
My God, so much manipulation and so many trolls in these comments.
Go Russia!
Ukraine sold it's soul to the devil.
Crazed 357
That evil evil tug boat
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After Russia's Ukraine incursion, Ukraine and Russia on the brink of war? 2 days ago   08:47

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