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Back Up Your Photos With How to backup/Uploads photos On Net by using Google 9 months ago   05:46

Using Google Photos to Back Up Your Photos

We’ve all got valuable pictures, videos, contacts, and documents on our phones and computers, but many of us don’t have a backup plan in case something happens. Google Photos is a great application in it’s own right, but today I am going to show you how to use it to make backups of all of your photos on your computer and/or mobile device.

Google Photos allows you UNLIMITED SPACE to back up high resolution photos or 15 gigs of space to save them at full resolution. Google’s definition of “high resolution” is 16-megapixel images and 1080p videos (if you upload higher resolutions, they will be downsized to these dimensions). That is perfectly fine for the vast majority of us since most of our cameras don’t shoot higher than that. If you need higher resolution, Google gives you 15 gigs of space to start with and you can buy more very inexpensively. *Note that you do share that 15 gigs with your gmail, Drive account, etc*

There are many other ways to back up your photos as well and there’s no reason not to use multiple backup solutions if you like.

In future videos, I will show you how to use Dropbox, GoogleDrive, and other options to save your content, so watch our channel for those soon.

1:04 Backing up pics using your desktop/laptop
3:35 Backing up pics on your phone

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