My Pictures Got Leaked To The Whole School I Discovered I have One Week Left 2 days ago   06:45

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My Pictures Got Leaked To The Whole School

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Hey Guys My name’s Ariana. So today i’m here to tell you the story of how my biggest fear became a reality. It All started when I met my boyfriend Tom. At first Tom and I were just friends, I mean I always secretly like him and I thought he like me too, but I didn’t know. Until the day he asked me to go with him to prom, and thats the moment I knew he liked me too. We had a great time. We danced together all night and at the end of the prom we kissed, it was magical! We’ve been dating ever since. We really get each other and are both so in love! We even got voted the cutest couple in school. On top of everything, the chemistry between us is seriously off the charts incredible. We can’t stop thinking about each other and miss each other even when are apart for a little bit. I know we shouldn’t but Any chance we can get Tom will sneak up to my room through the window and spend the night. And when he can’t, I miss him so much that sometimes I send him a sexy pictures of myself. Which he loves. Anyways we’ve been dating for Months and everything has been like a dream. That is Until last week my worst nightmare came to life! It was just another normal day and I couldn’t wait to see get to school and see Tom. However moment I got to school, I realized that something was off. Everyone was looking at me strangely and some people were even whispering and laughing. I felt really uncomfortable so I called Tom, but he didn’t pick

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kaibeh kabbah
Tell him not to mack a stupid bate of his girlfriend and chack his phone
pet stuf
he probably wa like 100% shur he would win and he didn't even send the nude his friend STOLE it!!!! he is your boyfriend talk to him
person urmom
So this happened to me also.....and the guy who did the same dude im going to prom with💀
Elvina_ Plaz
I would kick his bills ☹️
"UgLy CrYiNg"
its ur choice. To give him a second chance or not. If his sorry is sincere well its ur choice btw
Daphne Harris
thàt happened to me sad
Crystals Cartoonz
Ariana....gRANDE????? LMFAP XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD couples. Ugh.
I would die😐🤐😛😔😞😟😤😢😒🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤
Justin Ye
Never send those photos
Uldy Lopez
I would have back hand slapped him the moment I got out of the bathroom and saw him
*That middle finger tho*
Rosendo Villarreal
Will give your boyfriend the last chance if he doesn't that bad one more time well guess just break up with him but if he shows you a lot of love and he shows you promising he will not do that again are in Thursday future I don't know what I'm saying but I hope you understand
Imran Choudhury
Fan theory: this is actually about Ariana Grande
Mary Tea
Wow! She didn't even say they break up, I mean just to make sure and, make sure it's clear
Lighterfluid flowerpanel
Mines got leaked on a porn site
Elizabeth Payne
Her worst enemy: those pictures are trashy!

Me: * from far away* LiKe yOuR mOm nOoB
Aconees life
I would ignore his ass
Julia Friedman-Parks
soo face like WTF
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I Discovered I have One Week Left My Pictures Got Leaked To The Whole School 2 days ago   08:41

I Discovered I have One Week Left To Live And Kept It A Secret

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Hey, what’s up everyone, I’m Tracy. I’m 15, an only child. I’m not sure where to start... here goes. My family has a medical history of some weird disease. My aunt and grandma died a short time after noticing a black spot on their legs. My entire family have been terrified of black spots after their passing, myself included.
I learned to respect the feelings of others from my parents. My mom and dad are like super polite and never say anything out of the way to people. For example, some random guy broke down on the street and opened up his entire life to my parents. They stood there and listened to his blatantly pathetic story, and then my dad turned around and handed him a hundred dollar bill. My parents “good-will to men” mentality has helped my family build bonds with others. My parents also taught me to put others before myself and the difference between needs and wants. I want the newest iphone, but don’t necessarily need it, whereas, I need water, but never want to drink it. Make sense?
The best part of school life, was hanging out with my friends. I remember being crazy in love with this one guy named, Jeff. I couldn't get the beautiful creature off my mind. A smile to die for. OMG. He was so hot. Jeff always seemed to be doing something for somebody else. I admired him for that. The only thing bad he had going for him was his snooty girlfriend Linda. I asked myself over and over, out of all the girls in the world, why her? I mean, yeah, she was pretty, sort of, but she was far from perfect. She was salty with everyone. I honestly felt like she was using Jeff for his car. Shiny black mustang, a true head turner. Linda wanted to be seen it. Nothing more or less. I wondered if Jeff really loved her for her, or maybe he was smitten by her superficial beauty. I never ended up telling Jeff about my feelings for him. There were times when he’d stroll by me in the corridor and I’d have to restrain myself from swiveling my head around to look at him. I was never very good at expressing my true feeling for anyone, especially Ms. Stevens, a large, stern looking woman of Greek ancestry.
Ms. Stevens was a good mother to her sons Sam and Luke, but she had a bad habit of not paying me for services rendered. I’d babysit for six hours and only get paid for five, sometimes even four measly hours. My parents taught me to respect my elders, and so, I never confronted Ms. Stevens about short changing me. On pay days, I’d bite my tongue and walk home royally pissed.
One evening, I’m Netflix and chilling when I notice a marble-sized black spot on my left leg. Yikes! I must have blacked out or something because for a few long seconds, I couldn’t think straight. I’m staring down at my leg and in the back of my mind are my aunt and grandma whose deaths are symbols of ugly black dots. I continued to stare at the black thingy on my leg and it appeared to be staring back at me with a mission, and then I began to wonder how it got there. No matter how hard I picked and poked at the thing, it wouldn’t budge, and now I’m scared to death.
The palms of my hands got all sweaty, I actually thought I was going to die. I switched on my laptop, heart pounding. I began to search google for any and everything related to black dots. As I skimmed over headlines, several words jumped out at me. LETHAL. DEATH. DISEASED. Unable to hold in my emotions any longer, I bursted out into tear. I cried the whole day believing in my heart that my life was going to end. I realized after a while that time is very important so I stopped crying and made a conscious decision to take care of a few things.
The very first thing I did was call my mom. I explained to mom that I was bored and that I was coming over to chill with the family. After arriving at my parents house, we jumped in my dad’s Honda and hit road. After arriving at the restaurant, I ordered my favorite, chili dog with fries. No sooner than I started to eat, the ugliest black dot began to plague my mind. I’m chewing and chewing, and then I start to regurgitate and I can taste vomit inside my mouth, nasty! I ended up having to excuse myself from the table. Last thing I wanted was to throw up all over my parents priceless steak dinner.

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