My Pictures Got Leaked To The Whole School WE TESTED 25 VIRAL INTERNET HACKS 2 days ago   06:45

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My Pictures Got Leaked To The Whole School

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Hey Guys My name’s Ariana. So today i’m here to tell you the story of how my biggest fear became a reality. It All started when I met my boyfriend Tom. At first Tom and I were just friends, I mean I always secretly like him and I thought he like me too, but I didn’t know. Until the day he asked me to go with him to prom, and thats the moment I knew he liked me too. We had a great time. We danced together all night and at the end of the prom we kissed, it was magical! We’ve been dating ever since. We really get each other and are both so in love! We even got voted the cutest couple in school. On top of everything, the chemistry between us is seriously off the charts incredible. We can’t stop thinking about each other and miss each other even when are apart for a little bit. I know we shouldn’t but Any chance we can get Tom will sneak up to my room through the window and spend the night. And when he can’t, I miss him so much that sometimes I send him a sexy pictures of myself. Which he loves. Anyways we’ve been dating for Months and everything has been like a dream. That is Until last week my worst nightmare came to life! It was just another normal day and I couldn’t wait to see get to school and see Tom. However moment I got to school, I realized that something was off. Everyone was looking at me strangely and some people were even whispering and laughing. I felt really uncomfortable so I called Tom, but he didn’t pick

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Catherine Richter
anybody been watching youtube all the time?
Paul Shaw
My nudes got exposed two nights ago and I am still really sad and worried my mom's going to find out
Valentina Sanchez
Tom didn't do anything wrong it was his friend I don't understand why you are blaming him you should be smart and not send nudes and don't date white boys
Devyn Gear
If someone did this to me my dad would have taken my dog and told him to attack lol
Who ate this while they were eating??
Alison Memes
I wanted a brown gurl
Alison Memes
Tom is a bish?
Girl if I was you I will be done with him
SHHadyTIImeZ 07
I would say “Its alright i forgive you, but you have to give me a picture of you” then when he does it show it to the whole school!

Maybe you should talk with him and try to understand
Nadia Bemol
Armaan Mazumder
Very good
Jernita Coipel
Slap him
Kailey Magee
Foxy and the crew
I’d forgive him
Weird Girl
Well if I was in your shoes I would’ve told him the only way I’d forgive you is if you buy me some church’s chicken and a big thing of their mash potatoes but I’m different from you so.
Beast Killer
Make password boyyy
Samantha Encarnación
I'm very sure that he isn't right guy for you. You're a young lady and there are so many boys out there. Just try to turn the page (block him if you want) and continue with your life. You don't need him to be happy.
Andrea Sanchez
Andrea Sanchez
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WE TESTED 25 VIRAL INTERNET HACKS My Pictures Got Leaked To The Whole School 2 days ago   08:20


Check out extremely helpful ideas that will ease your life! We will check lifehacks that became viral lately and will reveal if they work or not:
- Wear two bras to create the illusion of big breasts. WORKS!
- Use a colander to make an airy omelet. Watch the tutorial and it WORKS!
- Grease stains are around the carpet? Use shaving foam to cleanse stains. DOESN’T WORK!
- Ketchup works perfectly if you need to clean oxidized metal. Cover a metal item with ketchup and clean after that with a cloth. WORKS!
- This hack is really crazy but avocado can paint fabric in bright pink. Take a pan of water place your white t-shirt and avocado skins inside. Boil. DOESN’T WORK!
- You can curl your hair using a plastic bottle in case if you don’t have a curling iron. You will need a bottle and a hair dryer. WORKS!
- Check out a cool trick with a lit candle in a bottle vase with water. You can amaze your friends with this trick
- Graphite turns into a diamond in a microwave and we check this trick. DOESN’T WORK!
- Some people say that sprite returns the freshness of faded flowers. It DOESN’T WORK!
- We know a cool trick that can turn your hair into a bob without cutting. Watch the tutorial!
- If you put a stone into a microwave, it will break. DOESN’T WORK!
- Another lifehack that we have found says that hairspray can plump your lips. No, it’s not true!
- If you place a boiled egg into a glass with coca cola, an egg will be dark inside after a day. Doesn’t work!
- You can cut a watermelon using dental floss. WORKS!
- We tried to erase the permanent marker from the wood with sanitizer and it WORKS!
- We found OUT that you can use lemon juice to erase highlighter and checked this lifehack. So, you will need lemon juice and a cotton swab. We tested and it WORKS!

00:09 The illusion of big breast
01:07 Ketchup cleans metal surfaces
01:52 You can curl your hair using a plastic bottle
04:19 Use dental floss to cut a watermelon
07:39 Make crayon print on your t-shirt

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