The problem with America's college The big problem with how we pick juries 2 days ago   08:50

In the U.S., your SAT score is hugely important. But what does it *really* measure?

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The SAT college extrance exam is a gatekeeper of opportunity. But this wasn't always the case.

Here are some sources I found useful when reporting out this piece:

* The Big Test is a well known book written by Nicholas Lemann, but a few years before he published this in 1999, he wrote this piece for The Atlantic:

* Here's the story behind the SAT overhaul:

* This research paper, from Raj Chetty and colleagues, looks at the role of colleges in intergenerational mobility:

* The SAT helps predict first-year GPA to an extent — but not for all students. We didn't include this in our video, but this piece covers the research that shows the SAT isn't predictive for a huge portion of students: is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out

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Personally, I don't think the SAT measures wealth. It measures how hard you work in school. The people who get sub-par scores on the SAT in my school are often those who don't take their education seriously and mess around in class. They are satisfied with a C on a "hard test" and aren't willing to work harder to get the better score they want. I took the SAT in 8th grade because I wanted to attend CTY and got a 1440 with no prep. I'm not particularly smart and by no means rich but I worked hard in all my classes and I believe that's what got me the score. I hope to improve my score through practice and score better next time.
Ruhbber Buss
If it measures how well you do why should we stop colleges from deciding who can come to their school. It’s already rigged my friend and I got the same grades in evey class and I got a 1060 and he got a 1120. But he’s white am Mexican and I got accepted into the same collage that we both applied to but guess what he didn’t get in
This is really important, education is one of the few pathways for people to change their social standing. However I don't think one should place the blame on a standardized test, alternative options are open to even more corruption. I think the root of the problem is the way universities use students for financial support, escalating tuition fees to a point where even second rate wealthy students are kept in the system. University needs to be really hard, so that those who don't belong quickly shift to more appropriate options. Keeping unqualified students in the class drags everybody else down.
Rangga Kusuma Dinata
I click because person in card like Steve in minecraft
we live in the information age, if you want the score you can get it if you''re smart enough.
Less selective school?! That’s my alma mater baby!!
Shaneil Miller
Just go to a community college for at least a semester and you never have to do the SAT! It’s for rich kids who want to show how rich they are
Angelina Tan
The weird thing is, my family makes 45k a year, but my sisters got into Rhodes and Vanderbilt, one of He best Colleges and even Vandy’s the top 20! Rhodes the second best in TN, under Vandy. We’re defying the odds against life, makes it seem like we can do anything we set our minds to do.
Papa Smurf
I didn't even try on the SAT because I knew I was gonna start at a Community College anyway even though my grades were good. I won't say it doesn't matter but you can easily go to a community college, Save money, and still transfer to a good school. There is no point in stressing about it unless you're parents are very strict about your grades and test score.
Top 1% - Shows 7 cards out of a deck of 50.
Alex Olsson
Here in Sweden the cycle, talked about in the video, is highly present
Britt Pomales
I couldn't even pass the ACT. but I got my associates in dec 2018. those test don't matter.
Pranav Piyush
lol if you think this is bad, just take a look at india. Not even 95 percent score in your high school exams will be able to get you to a top college.
It's pretty same and worse in india
dude chicken
“pick the three words below that are most related”
vox ~ yeah idk either
me~ chops, liver and sirloin.....
MildKoala 03
Coming to you from a guy who probably dropped out of high school, awesome
oh sizzle
Meanwhile in Asia...
Akshit Thakur
iit jee
atharva Nigam Varma M m
Meanwhile in the UK you have to do this in 6th Grade. WHEN YOU ARE 10 or 11.
Tejaswini Rakhonde
Meanwhile in India
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The big problem with how we pick juries The problem with America's college 2 days ago   08:30

A legal loophole makes juries less diverse.

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Four years after the shooting death of Laquan McDonald, the police officer, Jason Van Dyke, faced his day in court. But in a trial where race became central to the case, there’s only one black person on the jury. And that’s in a county where nearly a quarter of people are black. How did this happen?

In jury selection, racial discrimination has historically been tricky. Discrimination isn’t allowed in jury selection, thanks to what’s called a “Batson challenge.” But the problem is — Batson has been widely regarded as a failure at keeping racism out of the jury box. Watch the video above to find out why that is, and why it complicates the prospect of a fair trial by jury. is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out

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