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Dinosaur ABC | Learn Dinosaurs names for Kids

Learn the letters of the alphabet with this fun Dinosaur ABC! Baboo will teach you the names and sounds of 26 awesome dinosaurs. The A is for... Ankylosaurus! The B is for Brachiosaurus! What's C for ...? Let's have a look!

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A is for Ankylosaurus
B is for Brachiosaurus
C is for Carnotaurus
D is for Dimetrodon
E is for Elasmosaurus
F is for Fabrosaurus
G is for Giganotosaurus
H is for Hadrosaurus
I is for Ichtyosaurus
J is for Juravenator
K is for Kronosaurus
L is for Lambeosaurus
M is for Mosasaurus
N is for Nodosaurus
O is for Oviraptor
P is for Parasaurolophus
Q is for Quetzalcoatlus
R is for Riojasaurus
S is for Stegosaurus
T is for Tyrannosaurus Rex
U is for Utahraptor
V is for Velociraptor
W is for Wannanosaurus
X is for Xiaosaurus
Y is for Yinlong
Z is for Zuniceratops

Now you know the Dino ABCD too!

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Music: "Carnivale Intrigue"
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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Daiana Posse
muy bonito el zuniceratops del abecedario
Compy Gamer 8769
D must be dryosaurus
Sergio Abreu
dimetrodon not dinosaur
My kiddo loves dinosaur and we watch this everyday...Strikingly I used to call my little angel as Baboo,even before I came across this lovely channel. In Indian language Hindi, it means little one..Thanks Club Baboo
adamdanialshah litten azlanshah
The Mistakes are
Trex:it had 2 not 3 fingers
Wanadosaurus:it is a type of pachycephalosaurus which means it’s head is sopose to be round not like parasaurolophus
Beautifully accurate Utahraptor immediately followed by extremely inaccurate Velociraptor. Sounds legit.
Super Mario Logan Fan
We have more dinosaurs!
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Blippi Volcano and Dinosaur Song Dinosaur ABC | Learn Dinosaurs for Kids 1 day ago   06:37

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