BowFishing on SuperCharged Jetski In A Mangrove YBS Lifestyle Ep 40 - Shallow Water Spearfishing 2 days ago   13:53

Jiggin' With Jordan
I take out my SuperCharged Jetski into the mangroves to bowfish for dinner and end up getting some good fish! New? Subscribe and help me reach 2 MILLION Subscribers!!
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BowFishing on SuperCharged Jetski In A Mangrove Forrest!! (1ft deep)

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Joiner eberhart
If you love this channel clap ur hands

* clap clap*
Hockey4 Life
Yes do more adventure
Hillary For prison
Is your jet ski supercharged?? 😂😂😂😂
GBelch gunnerthefish
Hmm you can’t eat mullet. You can use it as bait but that’s it so why did he kill it for no reason
gage shook
You're so awesome keep it up man
Relief In Place
How very sporting - more equipment than a NASA mission.
Vince Montanez
That shot tho!! Noice!!!
padam Mangang
Which camera are you using? Video quality is crystal clear.
t s
Do a video fishing with your mom. She's good.....
t s
Brett Schulze
Have you ever been Muskie fishing? It's an adrenaline rush like no other, highly recommend taking a trip north to Wisconsin or Minnesota and giving it a try. could be a cool video! Love the content, keep it up!!
We get it the jet ski is super charged! You don't have to say it every time you say jet ski lol. Fantastic shot @ 4:37! On the move too! I was very impressed with that!
Hey @jiggin’withjordan is that the Bear Cruzer?
Hayden Madigan
Green key road is a goldmine for mullet it’s in npr
Jacy Todd
Drone work is awesome! Do more of that. Bow fishing is great, too, so keep that up!
Jesse’s Outdoors
Yes love this type of video
Jack Mcinerneyrowe
Do more
Jack Mcinerneyrowe
Blake Nehring
Why do you have to point out that it is supercharged? It doesn’t effect how you bowfish
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YBS Lifestyle Ep 40 - Shallow Water Spearfishing BowFishing on SuperCharged Jetski In A Mangrove 2 days ago   16:17

Join Brodie Moss and his family as they get together for Christmas. Spearfishing for fresh Fish and Cray is on the menu plus an amazing crystal clear creek on a remote island is explored. Brodie also comes across a big island lizard and explains some more about his boat.

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