Gervonta Davis After 1ST RD KNOCKOUT Fearsome Gervonta Davis stops 1 day ago   06:03

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Gervonta Davis After 1ST RD KNOCKOUT WIN! vs Hugo Ruiz
Interviewed by Radio Rahim.

Gervonta Davis After 1ST RD KNOCKOUT WIN! vs Hugo Ruiz
Interviewed by Radio Rahim.

Gervonta Davis After 1ST RD KNOCKOUT WIN! vs Hugo Ruiz
Interviewed by Radio Rahim.

Gervonta Davis After 1ST RD KNOCKOUT WIN! vs Hugo Ruiz
Interviewed by Radio Rahim.

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Comments 725 Comments

Floyd act like he likes this young brutha...pause
Charlie Zeneoff is a hell of a fighter.........hell of a competitor.
Helen Eldridge
Keep bringing them wins home 💪🏽
YES it is his NIGHT soooo get the fuck out the damn way and let him have his time. PS tank was not even born when you was fighting at his current age you IDIOT. So how would he KNOW, you dumb ass. I like you as a fighter too mayweather I am a fan, BUT you are doing toooooo much.
TANK I really enjoy you as a fighter I wish you well in all your future endeavors, YOUNG BROTHA you need to get out of maweathers shadow, you can tell TANK is not comfortable with mayweather being there, Tank wont look at him.
MAY weather could not wait till that spotlight was no him, I think had not the interviewer had asked mayweather any questions He would have chimed in anyway. As soon as the talk about money is brought up he lights up like spotlights on a prison house.
DID ANYONE NOTICED how Floyd looked at tank after he sad what he said, Yes it is tanks job to fight but Mayweather made it seam like its his job to win ONLY like Tank is his fighting SLAVE by the way he looked at him. LIKE the WTF. WINNING & LOOSING is up to Tank NOT you Mayweather. I think FM is taking Promotional/ Manager duties a little to far. you may as well just fight for him to if you are afraid hes going to loose OR should I say not make you enough MONEY.
Mayweather is an ATTENTION Whore, YOU HAD YOUR TIME GET OUT THE [email protected]#$% WAY.
Mayweather need to get out of the boys Spotlight he dont need you there all tha damn time , OLD MAN sit your ASS DOWN and let the YOUNG brotha SHINE.
Robert castaneda
Lomachenko will school this bum
Nova Deveroux
He's like a young newschool tyson even talks like him
Tank just doesn't look comfortable around Floyd. You can cut the tension with a knife man.
I love how he keep saying he proud of him
Tio Madden
Maybe Floyd has a real chance to be a father to Gervonta that Mayweather's father never was due to circumstances you know? With all that baby mama drama, Davis is already an adult, and a very special elite fighter. He is very humble unlike A.B. I don't care what anyone says, Floyd is going to take Gervonta Davis to a whole 'nother level, and Gervonta is going to understand that managing wealth does not require a college degree nor articulate language. That's what so awesome about this life. Thanks for letting me comment.
Allen Klein
im glad that thug looking nrg made a extra million added to your already billion you have while there is christian white family trying to make ends meat working all there life for nothing
Anathema Nu
Gotta hand it to Floyd. The reporter tried to make it about Floyd, but Floyd turned it back to Tank. That's pretty classy.
Maboi Floyd got humbled
Jay Perez
I say tank. Should fight a real fighter to test his skills mike Garcia he should fight Hugo everyone new tank was going to demolish Hugo he sucks ass
donal trump
Floyd there because he saw AB was a distraction for Tank ....
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Fearsome Gervonta Davis stops Gervonta Davis After 1ST RD KNOCKOUT 1 day ago   03:05

Gervonta Davis retains his world super featherweight title with a powerful third round stoppage of Liam Walsh.



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