Vince Carter’s iconic Dunk The Patriots vs. Rams Super Bowl 1 day ago   15:13

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You may know about Vince Carter's incredible performance at the 2000 NBA Slam Dunk Contest, but do you know how crucial that night was to the future of a struggling event? Do you know what was going on with Carter's Raptors and fellow contest participant Tracy McGrady at the time?

Take a deep rewind to find out the history that made this night so important, and a fascinating snapshot of some changing tides in the league as a whole.

Written and produced by Seth Rosenthal
Shot and edited by Ryan Simmons


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3:12 is the wackest dunk I’ve ever seen lol. I can do that 😂
Frederick Fatalla Tampus
This Really Iconic Vince Carter Slam Dunk Contest! Thanks SB Nation ^_^
Kenny so stupid for that 9, imagine it, if VC had all 50's going into that final dunk which is what he deserved, he definetely would've went for the 50 sweep meaning adding another one of the most iconic dunks of all time to dunk contest history...We got robbed of something absolutely spectacular, and I blame Kenny Smith😠
srsly how is it possible that a video about the greatest dunk contest performance so boring af? deep rewind more like deep sleep smfh
And then.... SUPERMAN....
Man, you guys missed a key part of this: This was held in Oakland, so if the dumbass Warriors hadnt traded Vince for Jamison, this wouldve been an awesome coming out party for them and for Vince on their home court.
Why Shawn Kemp never won is befoolery
Lax God
7:33 7:38 Vegas golden knights: Am I a joke to you
gloless 2x
This dude is the only guy I like listening to the rest are too boring
I am surprised at the fact that you exclusively use the lowest quality possible for old footage when there is a ton of material out there i better quality and some remastered in HD.
Esvin Perez
Greatest dunker of all time..
MJ And Domonique second and then everyone else...
Kvon Curry
Splash girls
Barca psg
Naah GORDON vs LAVINE is the greatest dunk contest
Jacob Robinson
Did VC hear Kenny Smith say "IT'S OVER!" or were they both just on the same page... lol
Daniel Meeker
Funny thing, though -- Vince Carter's best dunk isn't shown here.
Just ask Fredric Weiss.
Wow, day after my Birthday and Youtube decides to not put this on my feed... So glad I can go to your channel and see all your posted videos!!!!
Samuel Fakiyesi
15 min for something that quick, i love the dunk but damn
Duc Luc
Butch Carter is one horrible coach
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The Patriots vs. Rams Super Bowl Vince Carter’s iconic Dunk 1 day ago   11:43

It’s February 3rd, 2002. The Louisiana Superdome plays host to Super Bowl 36 where the St. Louis Rams and New England Patriots are tied at 17. With seven seconds left, Adam Vinatieri is lining up from 48-yards out to wrap this up and not give the Rams a chance in overtime.

While it all comes down to one kick, this season has been anything but straight forward. Which naturally means the underdog Patriots have the power to knock off the Rams who entered tonight as a two-touchdown favorite. But it’s not that simple - it wouldn’t be fun if it was. So to remember how we got to this point, let’s rewind.

Written and produced by Will Buikema
Directed and edited by Alex Hawley


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