Vince Carter’s iconic Dunk How the Chicago Bulls self-destructed after 2 days ago   15:13

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You may know about Vince Carter's incredible performance at the 2000 NBA Slam Dunk Contest, but do you know how crucial that night was to the future of a struggling event? Do you know what was going on with Carter's Raptors and fellow contest participant Tracy McGrady at the time?

Take a deep rewind to find out the history that made this night so important, and a fascinating snapshot of some changing tides in the league as a whole.

Written and produced by Seth Rosenthal
Shot and edited by Ryan Simmons


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Smh, Kenny Smith 😒
Franz Ferdinand
Did you guys use an old VHS tape for this footage?
Ysmael Dauz
This man is 42 years old and is still willing to play jeeeeezzzzz
Daniel Kerber
Do a rewind of Carter drunking in the 2000 Olympics
Jeffrey Xu
Greatest dunker ever dont @ me
Wesley Hall
Love your videos bro you're WAYYY better than the other guys on this series
Lucas Liso
There is a lot of "Who's the GOAT" going around lately, but here's another question: Who's the best dunker of all time? Forget every other aspect of the game, just focus on dunks. Who is the best? Vice Carter? Michael Jordan? Dr. J?
John Mayes
Jordan is the best dunker Ive seen all theses guys live Jordan flew threw the air Carter is a beast but till this day i never seen anybody like Jordan his nickname was air
Sportsgaming Andelectronics
Malika is smoking hot! She is worthy of a good f..k.🛌🔥🔥❤❤👅👅👉👌
Chad B
I may not be a basketball fan if it's wasn't for the Raptors and Vince Carter. It's too bad his time in Toronto had to end the way it did
Brooks Coleman
this is the only thing vince ever took seriously
No one will ever do the dunks Aaron Gordon did, but everyone already done what pipsqueek done 100 times over.

Itll take a freak accident to see anything as good.
Shade Samurai
Best dunk contest is 2016 Aaron Gordon vs Zach lavina
6:51 I thought he was just shooting a 3
_Depressed_ Tofu
Raptors won the nba championship! 19 years later from this event
Luis Lebron
2001 was better tho.
Joshua Hansell
I would let Charles oakley Kick my ass than pay 500 bucks
Brian Kirimi
Bounce off the head...😯😵😂😂
Can't Beat The BAY!
What if they remained teammates in Toronto....
Julio Quatro
to think how far toronto has come and paid their dues....knicks are trash. lets go nets.
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How the Chicago Bulls self-destructed after Vince Carter’s iconic Dunk 2 days ago   13:07

When the game's best player and best coach leave you in the same offseason, the only way to go is down. Fast.

In 1998, the Chicago Bulls won yet another championship: an incredible SECOND three-peat for the team built by Jerry Krause, coached by Phil Jackson, and led by Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. But for all their glory, the team was in disarray. When the deeply disgruntled Jackson left town, Jordan followed him, and Krause was left to pick up the pieces.

... and by "pick up the pieces," we mean swiftly hurl all the pieces into the abyss and start rebuilding from scratch. But rebuilding, it turns out, isn't always easy.

This is the story of how the Bulls followed one of the NBA's most impressive peaks with a valley just as impressive in its steepness and depth. This is the rapid collapse of one of history's greatest teams.

Written and produced by Seth Rosenthal
Shot by Alex Hawley
Edited by Ryan Simmons
Motion graphics by Michael Das


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