Miniatur Wunderland: The world's largest Malaysia Airlines A380-800 Unboxing 1 day ago   04:43

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Miniatur Wunderland, with its small-scale model trains and landscapes, is one of Hamburg's biggest tourist attractions. Highlight: the world's largest miniature airport.
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Dioramaenterprise SMF
The technology of the plane on the runway is an idea. It is a wonderful idea.
Felipe Leguizamo
This is so fkn German it’s not even funny
Stan Fishman
An amazing feat. We always have trouble with our model RR club layout on an open house and that's only for 4 hours during the day. Outstanding German engineering.
Bob Dicenso
Awesome thanks for sharing airport is amazing
Freddie Mercury
But why is the video in 360p?
berapa modanya
Adam Sami
Bro no airline garuda indonesia?
Zafer Saglam
0:09 rip
Zaldi Santioso
lucca cerminaro
I’m building a model Airport of The Wilkes barre Scranton Airport (AVP) you guys will love it once it gets ✅
Jun Lee
How much airplane model and Airport bus model
Camiel verboeket
Where are these dislikes coming from?
Donaldkhan Sansuijapan
Germans are smart people
Mike Serot
Now let's see a miniature air force base with jet fighters and cargo amd bomber planes
Joseph Jackson
Dog Lover
ATC tower is so cuteee.... 😍😍😍
2:25 TaRMaC
Chinatsu Galaxy
i wanna step on it like godzilla and destroy and wreck the airport
Larry Ataulfo Menchú Farias
Felicidades a todos por crear y lograr un sitio como el mostrado. Felicidades.
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Malaysia Airlines A380-800 Unboxing Miniatur Wunderland: The world's largest 1 day ago   05:11


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