LaMelo Ball vs Julian Newman LaMelo Ball SQUARES UP with 1 day ago   13:28

LaMelo Ball, Julian Newman and the Grind Session All-Stars had a fun scrimmage today. Also featuring Rocket Watts, Myron Gardner, Isaiah Jackson and more.
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Corey Sparks
Why would anyone wanna watch this shit?
Couldn't wait to read commente. Damnn ya going in on julian. Ya need to chill this 2 kids making more moves than all of you and it looks like they lowkey get along.
Ok guys here’s the plan , Julian run uncontrollably as fast as ya can and fall a lot and melo wtf ya mean play d naw that’s not the plan just chill and occasionally shoot 47ft jumpers
Julian ain't gonna make the league being so short he ain't no Isaiah Tomas
Mauricio Sanchez
Juilans team pissing me off. Like someone shoot the damn ball. They all playing scared
Y'all hating while they all just having fun
francisco pineda
francisco pineda
None of these fools can shoot and are super lazy
Kenny Gordon
Does anyone realize that if the lakers draft melo they will have 4 guard #not happening
And someone kuzma
Anthony Edwards
Look at Julian sister in the back waiting to ask for a follow back on instagram😂
This reminds me of when i fought Goku before he Mastered Ultra instinct
Eliseo Pineda
Its funny the way melo runs
hxppy EXE
damn julians small
Orlando soto
Bruh straight laughing at him 8:00
julian that one little brother that you dont want playing but yo mama said to bring him with u
Nick Lopez
At 2:55 had me fucken dead 😂😂😂
Rocco Siffredi
Who’s the little wee man in orange shirt? Looks like guy from game of thrones
Worknation Organization
Dam even elite high school players like these guys dont take pride in defense.
Colton C
Lamelo ball puts literally a maximum of 7% effort into everything he does it’s pathetic.. wait he’s dad is lavar so it makes sense
Caleb Brown
Julian isn’t even trash he just short he can’t help his parents shitty genetics 🧬
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LaMelo Ball SQUARES UP with LaMelo Ball vs Julian Newman 1 day ago   10:03

LaMelo Ball went head to head with Daishen Nix who proved a worthy opponent, keeping the crowd entertained with his flashy game. Spire pulled away and got a 30 point win.

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