Europe's frontline: the Latvians caught The Trap: the deadly sex-trafficking cycle 1 day ago   09:51

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Russia and Nato are moving thousands of troops and playing war games in the Baltics, where onlookers fear tensions between ethnic Russian-speakers and nationalists could bring Moscow into direct conflict with the west.
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Phoebe Greenwood travels to the Latvia-Russia border to hear the concerns of people living on Europe’s frontline.

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Phoenix Phoenix
Revelation 13:4
Revelation 16:13-14
Danius Von Gailis
Russa can't afford any major conflicts without allies and nobody attacking them or care to bother otherwise then prevent their agression in any ways or forms. Speak and respect latvians even you committed unforgivable crimes against our nation without remorse we still give you opportunities same like we have . Its shame about their attitude towards our freedom ,culture ,history and land generally. On the good side we still have large number Russians who dont have any issues and are vell assimilated. You can't give them inch coz they will always take wrongly .
Randall Smith
Language police? Seriously?
Malcolm L
Problem with Russia is there so corrupt lived under many dictatorships from the tsar to filthy communist they know no better they lol think there soooo good hahaha I feel sorry for the normal Russians they murder any opsition to Putin basically a commie scum bag KGP agent I’m no liberal how ever they lie and lie and lie and what is so funny they actually think we believe it lol
better drink bloody water than . . . vvödäR v v
devide and cönQu€R. . ? new threathätz för nön aRyan terröR öRG ^ ^
audentiti löl id wörked för decades nöw nöt ?
Gü€RRmänni >> > up öl nör$€ xD
Amin Ma
using force to enforce language is very alarming and weak move of Latvian. that is fascistic
I hope this works out for Latvia;the Latvians have a right to propagate their own language, but given the situation it must be done in a way that respects Russian speakers. Certainly, a person who has been living in Latvia since birth who speaks Russian should not lose their job because they are a Russian speaker. Or, if they do, they should be compensated.

As for some comments, below: The Russian people have never truly known freedom and have been fed disinformation for the better part of the last century. If you are living in Russia it is very hard to get the truth from the media, especially TV, which is almost 100% state-controlled.

Last, Putin is responsible for most of this; I hope the West can outlast him.
Jack Novell
What about non Slavic Russian people in Russia shouldn't they have the right to practice their own language
Alexei Voloshin
What a bunch of uneducated clowns!
Aaron Kenyon
8:38 checkout the kid in the back lol!
Richard Moloney
Russia is coming to get their lovely Riga back
Zom Bee Nature
I translate my channel into Latvian, Lithuanian, and Russian (among others) so I hope that makes them happy. But I was told that Latvians and Lithuanians hate each other, but I was not told why.
double OT
About Ukrain, what would the US do if Canada became communist all of a sudden.
Count Rufus
All about Oil and Gas in Caspian sea and Arctic sea.Usa has waged Ww1 and Ww2 and Cold War to gain control over global energy supplies and markets.Russian energy trethens Us economy and Us energy sales.
Muaz Awan
Kick them out. That's what they did during the Soviet Union to the local Baltic people's, many of them dieing in Siberia and those who came back found Russians living in their homes.
Nathan Elswick
I did one of these excersises haha and we were def out numbered on the border but i was ready to go down with anyone who wanted to come with me! Semper fi
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The Trap: the deadly sex-trafficking cycle Europe's frontline: the Latvians caught 1 day ago   32:04

The Trap investigates how prisons and jails across the United States have become recruiting grounds for human traffickers, who are targeting incarcerated women and trafficking them out of correctional facilities and into pimp-controlled prostitution

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