Paul Rudd Jumped Out Of A Moving Graham Norton Takes On The Cast 2 days ago   02:20

The Graham Norton Show
Not the smartest move.

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ReT artz
Which episode of the show was that??? I need to watch it 😱
He has the best stories
RJ King
I feel like Paul Rudd's life is a meme.. 😆
Lukas Le Desma
How much do you think I would have to pay to get that couch...

Cuz I NEED it
The only double date paul rudd in that i remember was the one with mary allen, regina phalaggi and ken adams
Sixty percent of the time, it works every time.
Sonic Timelord
The set up for this story sounds like the plot of his first Friends episode, where he goes of a double date with Phoebe and Joey.
Noe Hernandez
Kits reaction to the whole thing really makes the story 10 times better
enrique tiznado
When I was a little kid (like 5) I jumped out of a slow-moving vehicle because I was (still am) stupid. I know Paul Rudd is telling the truth because that was exactly what happened to me. Same fall, same injuries
Himan иди спать!
Кто нибудь, переведите шо он там говорит😂
Bogdan Shumenko
Kiki challenge before it became mainstream
Paul Rudd needs more interviews with Graham. For exactly this reason
boom boris
Well mike it is
Mofiz CDR
This is why women live longer. JK (no gender or sexual discrimination and generalization intended to offend anyone)
McKenna Chappell
i mean like his existence is already impressed though
Paul Rudd... did the “In My Feelings challenge” before it was cool!
how he trained for Ant Man
Lil Shenron
Weird way to spend 2 minutes of my time
Ashia Jackson
What old folks call ghost riding the whip
shivam verma
Just imagine that Luis guy from antman telling this story 🔥😂
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Graham Norton Takes On The Cast Paul Rudd Jumped Out Of A Moving 2 days ago   13:50

Who's excited for Dark Phoenix?!

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