India's trucks are works of art Wildlife crossings stop roadkill. 1 day ago   09:51

Why India’s trucks are so colorful.
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Bedfords were first introduced to British India during World War II. This truck model and others similar to it stuck around, and since then they've been produced commercially throughout the country. But today, they’re not just functional and mundane — their paintings make them stand out.

Colorful trucks aren’t rare in India, and their designs aren’t random. Artists that specialize in painting these trucks put a lot of thought into the art form, making the vehicles a spectacle of beauty in India.

This Vox Borders episode looks at why truck art is such a staple in India.

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Johnny Harris
Thanks for watching Ep4! If you want a deeper dive into truck art, check out this amazing documentary on the topic.
the creators of this film helped us in our research and sources for this episode, and we're very grateful. See you next week for the last episode of Borders India!
Yasir PAK
Pakistani Truck art more classic more beautiful
mojoe jojojo
hey we want decotora 😤😤😤😤
Erick Palacios
Also reminds me of the chicken busses of Central America.
Rajesh Dhiman
Considering the category “Boarders” this information is not very useful. We are expecting information such as controversies and problems between countries. So far your videos are very informative and i am a regular follower of this channel. Thank you and all the best for all the future videos.
Angelica Wilson
you should see filipino Jeepneys they're awesome!
i am embarrassed to admit this but i read diaper instead of dipper.........
ᴜᴍ Ꮶ
They have that in Pakistan too
Faran Butt
People on Pakistani side of Punjab has the same taste for there trucks too. Good to see both sides are maintaining there traditional norms ❤❤❤❤❤
KL Rider
This is just truck art from Punjab. Host clearly didn't go to other parts of India
K REAL [yes it is] BETA 創造的な
This must be what inspired that truck mini boss in Megaman 7.
Pynskhem Uriah
I'm starting to like this vox
kehinde isaac
Another video, another boost to my never disappoint my intelligence. Knowledge gained
Nirmal Perera
"Horn culture" is also present in Sri Lanka and their trucks are also similar to those running in India, both are big, old, creative and colorful.
nedaa jassaim
wow that's really fascinating
Akshansh Dixit
never saw trucks from this point of view.
Samuel Schönenberger
5:13 Indians on the Internet
Ajay Krishna
Thats a nice video VOX😊
Muhammad Adnan
You Haven't Seen Pakistan🇵🇰❤️
That Xbox Channel
Hello this is Drrew from Microsoft we noticed that your truck has computer virus please give us your credit card info to help get rid of virus
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Wildlife crossings stop roadkill. India's trucks are works of art 1 day ago   06:37

A better way for animals to cross the road.

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Highway Wilding:
ARC Solutions:
Wildlife-Vehicle Collision Reduction Study: Report To Congress:
Western Transportation Institute Road Ecology Program:
"How Effective Is Road Mitigation at Reducing Road-Kill? A Meta-Analysis" T. Rytwinski et. al:

Leanne Allison/Jesse Whittington:
Benjamin P. Y-H. Lee:
Maine Audobon:
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Tamsin Mackay:
Ganesh Raghunathan:
Isydia Vibes:
Washington State Department of Transportation:
Wyoming Department of Transportation:


Roadkill harms animals, endangers drivers, and costs billions of dollars every year. In Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada, wildlife scientist Tony Clevenger and other researchers have proven that constructing overpasses and underpasses for animals decreases roadkill and improves ecological connectivity. Many animals, including deer, elk, grizzlies, moose, lynx, cougars and others, have been recorded using the structures. Although animal crossing structures have been fairly common in Europe for a few decades, there are relatively few in North America. In The United States, the crossing structures that have been built, in places like Washington State and Wyoming, were partly inspired by the research Clevenger conducted in Banff. To create even more of them, Clevenger worked with a team of experts, including ecologist Nina-Marie Lister, to organize a design competition. The competition, named ARC solutions, was held in order to generate more cost-effective crossing designs that are also sustainable and environmentally friendly. The competition generated many new models for animal crossings and Clevenger and Lister hope that highway planners will adjust their approach to structure design based on them.

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