FLAT EARTH DISCORD SERVERS What do Indians think of Tseries 1 day ago   10:25

Found a couple of flat earth discord servers full of real flat earthers

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Should go without saying but please don't go over and spam these servers, this video is for entertainment and a laugh so pls don't go and annoy them x
When he told you to go to hell you shoulda asked him if hell was flat too and do you see the bottom of the world from hell
Diego Gallegos
Did joshy really just say vro at 1:40?
I'm green
Here comes Pyrocynical and Imalexx to steal more youtube content.
One of the best videos I’ve ever watched on YouTube. Well done
Osama Bin Laden
*I was banned for a decade for saying " Earth has a round ass... "*
I dont like this sense of humor, I think its really FLAT
i got on a flat earth discord and said earth is flat change my mind and they asked for proof i sent a picture of a globe and they banned me
Flat earther: theres no real pictures of earth!

Regular people: is there any real pictures of flat earth?

Flat earthers: wait thats illegal.

Theres actually real pics of earth now and live streams btw
im supposed to be doing a 4 page pre algebra essay, but screw it man, just watching this
Datboi2007 is my mc user
Boi I got an A in science
Jake B.
One thing that truly catches my eye for these sort of things is the amount of passion that both sides put into their responses. In reality......I really don’t think either of them matter very much as they have no effect on how we function in our daily lives (minus some of the complex and absurd “data” that was collected) people should be able to think what they want but eventually they should be shown the truth, only if their opinion reaches an unstable level; affecting their social lives and friendships. For me....I could care less about either......flat earth pictures look cool......but so do the extremely expensive highly detailed photographs taken from not only American but multiple other satellites.

Either way.....I feel that some of the people in this group fall into the category of those who have reached the previously mentioned “danger zone” where they take personal offense if their opinion is challenged. This is true for a lot of things that we find we are passionate about; we will defend them with sometimes aggressive measures.

P.S. sorry for the paragraph and a half
loser with a whistle
One of the mods on this server called me a prepubescent mong and banned me, a lot of nice, reasonable people here
If the earth is flat, so is yah booty
1:15 Looks a bit like Ali-A?!?! 😂🤣😂🤣.
sonicwolf 360
oh the earth is flat I thought I the teacher was the flatest Person in the world
Calvin Miller
Hello fellow BUSTERS
Jensen Greenaway
this is the funniest shit ive seen on youtube since 2017
Ashy Eldridge
How do you find these servers
a grill
that poor discord server is being attacked by memelous fans as we speak.
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