Muslim CONFRONTS Jordan Peterson 9 PEOPLE YOU DON'T WANT TO MESS 2 days ago   10:17

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THE DEATH OF AMERICA - A MORAL DECEDENT 28 year old moves from being a Catholic Nun to being a porn star Muslim CONFRONTS Jordan Peterson, Watch How He Responds.
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Adam Firstman
Thumbs down for the clickb bait and trying to sneak in shapiro ont the back end lol
Israel Aguasanta
It's a good conversation despite the clickbait title. "I don't know" and "I'd like to know if what I think is wrong" is something you wont hear from a leftist
Abra Cadabra
People have to understand what Dar Al Harb means?
Matt P
Being transgender and gay/lesbian is abnormal. Fact.
Byzantine Christianity is so fascinating. It is such a shame that it was almost wiped off the face of the earth. Hence it is a natural understanding why orthodox Christians hold Islam with such contempt.
MOHAMAD WAS A WARLORD. How brainwashed you should be to follow Islam. Carl Young had stated that Hitler and Mohammad are alike.
John O'brien
It’s just so dirty Islam is filth it preaches nonsense it’s a disgrace
The Prophet Muhammad was a warlord. Jesus was a man of peace. It really is that simple to me.
Grandma Love
Watch the video, "3 quran verses every woman should know"
That Day
Jordan doesn’t understand the bible yet... nor the judgement of God...Islam is legalistic and totalitarian ie it relies on external laws and conformity to them to produce righteousness...or right living...Jesus clearly challenged this (as did Paul) saying it’s not what you eat or ceremonial practice you might do that defiles a man but what comes out of your heart ie murder slander lying greed.. ie Christianity says man is sinful and needs a complete change of heart and nature.. that’s being born again.. Judaism and Islam still rely on external laws that no one can fully obey.. and don’t change you on the inside..Nearly half the content of Paul writing is saying that external laws cannot make you righteous, they were put in place by Moses to show what was right and just, but God knew mankind could not fully obey them nor did the sacrifices of animals fully pay for mans sinful Nature

You see this in that Islam gives some credence to Moses / the Law but denounces Paul..who spoke of grace and forgiveness

The essence of Christianity is grace and truth or love and truth..mercy and justice they always work together....there can be no grace if you have to obey the law..grace is given when despite you best efforts you acknowledge you can not obey the law..

It’s these underlying concepts that underpin western culture..
They are shown in that Christianity developed governance that has a basis that mankind is fallible and corruptible so it limits power by divesting from a single king to share power with church and state, ie the Magna Carter and an independent the legal system, it sets up two tiers of representatives of the people and relays on collective decision making..not one despot

This says both church and state are fallible.. and need to be kept accountable.. ultimately to the Bible..the Roman Catholic resist that saying the Pope is infallible.. Protestant’s uphold the bible as infallible and mankind as fallible.. there is a big difference

Islam traditionally produces despots who rule with little accountability.. it was Britain’s colonialism that Brought democracy and power limiting structures to current Islamic country like Pakistan Malaysia etc..
Thumbs up for content, thumbs down for title
Wycweli Ich Bieli Az Beda Tu Mdleli
Any dialogue is better than no dialogue or physical violence, it's really simple folk's.
Eric Buchanan
There is no way you can justify Islam, complete intolerance
TheMostGodless SinfulBastard
If you have good content like this, you don't need to use deception or misguided titles to get people here... if you see the video is from this channel we will see it and watch it... but if we keep getting clickbait titles that creates mistrust and we will NOT click on it just so you can show "views"
TheMostGodless SinfulBastard
Clickbait!!!! ---------- this is NOT at all a "CONFRONTATION" it is an actual dialogue.... keep this up though, this is how channels start to lose a lot of subscribers.
Every Christian he have to read the last chapter from the Qoran name of this chapter is. ( ALTAWBA ) then you will have big Ideas What Muslim stands for and the strange thing in this chapter it doesn't not start like all the chapters in the Quran the first words starts in all the Quran with the name of God the merciful but this chapter altawba the last one don't start this words with the name of God the merciful just started killing almost l???!!!.
Adrian Knaud
In short our ancient religions are well past their best before dates. We are moving on and those who don't will be left behind . As far as a threat from Islam is concerned they had better calm down because the west is run by Godless men who could destroy all of their cities at a touch of a button.
Gary Howard
I often wonder if these smug people who confront the like of Ben actually think they will defeat him in debate. Watching a these genius smackdowns is now a major pastime
Toraguchi Toraguchi
The problem of Islam specifically pertaining to this question is PERHAPS this: muhammad was trying to revive the Old Testament of King David's time, with himself possibly as King David. Christianity had dealt with the violence and the theocracy of the Old Testament by moving on to a more pacifist and a political outlook...muhammad revived what Jesus laid to rest.
Dean Cooling
Anyone about to watch this, two things of note.
1. Great Video
2. Shit title.

Kindest regards
Wales, UK
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9 PEOPLE YOU DON'T WANT TO MESS Muslim CONFRONTS Jordan Peterson 2 days ago   11:32

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