Impoverished workers in the textile industry Germany's "working poor" 2 days ago   02:09

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In Bulgaria, the low minimum wage and meagre pensions mean that many are part of the working poor and some are looking to the EU for answers. #EUelections2019

Hans von der Brelie (@euronewsreport) tells us more about this important issue of impoverished workers.

European elections are only 100 days away. In the runup to the vote, Euronews will be looking at the issues affecting people across the bloc. The issues that affect Europeans' lives and the ones that will drive their votes.

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lol only reason these high end fashion labels produce in bulgaria and not china is because china is synonymous with ‘low quality’.
unpaid troll
she is working in an industry dominated by Chinese 7 year olds. maybe get an adult job?
Sheeple are Lame
The fashion industry is built on slave labour which is why those workers ain't allowed Trade Union rights.
Seriously? The wage is lower than the Chinese workers. Are they the locals, or the migrant workers?
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Germany's "working poor" Impoverished workers in the textile industry 2 days ago   07:10

Germany's economy is booming. The unemployment rate is low. But at the job centres, people keep queuing up.

Many have a job, but they are known as the "working poor": They have qualifications, but their badly payed - often part-time - jobs or temp-work don't cover basic needs. Social benefits help top up their income.

Among pensioners, too, poverty is growing. Monika Sagertsch from Berlin is trained as a sales manager but never got a full-time contra…

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