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Saida Mohammadi
What hapinid with the lie prinsesse
Hser2 Gay
Were did the hair go
The incorrect Dog drawing
Maid:I am not your servent

Me: I thought that was the only reason the queen sent you with the princess
Fairy Blush
Hi everyone
Rahew Desta
But she is her maid
Rosa Gonzalez
The lesson is never to be lying
Diva Zoleta
Why did the princess drank water with gloves on???😕😕
Artemiza Buibar
I just made UP a story You should do title: "the fox trot " once upon a time there was a beautiful kingdom of foxes in the jungle And the Lion Who is the King, was furios by the King of foxes so he orderd hes Lions to end the foxes. But the foxes were clever so a smart fox said "i dont have ideas but i know Who does" King fox: Who is this person fellow fox? Well its a legendary animal called the arctic claw her name is snowy claw she looks And sounds LIKE a wolf but shes No wolf she can climb trees fox king: very Well, lets get on our WAY so they went to the arctic claw snowy claw: hello fellow animals she said with a calm soothing VOICE fox king: Snowy claw, the Lions are GOING to attack us. Any advice? Snowy claw: yes do the fox trot to scare them away fox: WHAT IS THAT?! Snowy claw: its a group of foxes troting And music appears And the Lions Will run away. Fox: okay! So they gatherd foxes And troted around the Lions And music appeard. The Lions were so frightend they ran away the foxes often did the fox trot to scare them away And the wise fox married the fox Princess And they lived happily ever after the end.❤
Amazing Molly
I hope this teaches people because it was great
Joyce Liu
thu cát thị minh
like to video
maple bluejay
I thought the fairy will get mary to the old kig.👍Love this tale.
Kim Hoang
American James
I almost cried in real life
Shreshth Varaha
Shreshth Narsingh god
The Angleprincess
All the characters are ugly
Heather Donnelly
Heather Donnelly
Noooooo Awwww
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The Golden Plate Story in English The Goose Girl Story | Stories 1 day ago   10:16

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