You Don't Need the iPhone 11 Pro The Weirdest Mystery Tech Yet... 1 day ago   10:30

Austin Evans
The Apple Event announced the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro Max today...but why? 🤑
How Apple is TAKING OVER Japan:
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the pianist
if you wanna buy a good camera phone you should buy an Iphone other than that it is just a piece of shit comparing to Android
Kaxity XO
I want iphone 11 not pro with 3 camera it's too ugly
Muaaz Khan
Best thumbnail ever btw
Jimmy Gunawan
What? I need iPhone Pro. Unsubscribed...
Iftekhar Sarkar
Hey Austin
This is guys
I have the XR no need to upgrade that fast, I’m not that desperate
:D i still have iphone 8 what i got for 300$ :D and iphone 11 max camera looks like alien
I think iphone 11 is great and for the price and stuff
But why not buy redmi k20 for half the price with flagship hardware
Squeeze Creeper
Maybe I don’t need it. But, I got enough money to not listen to a douche who makes YouTube videos to scratch cash by slamming products.
Alpha Raine
It’s hilarious reading all the salty Android people in chat that are getting pre-jealous about how these phones are about to shatter all the newest android phones CPU/GPU benchmarks and DXO Mark scores 😂😂
Andres Ramírez
Soo no usb c yet
malcorm walker
Why did think you I saw logic on the thumbnail
Parizoda Davronova
I phone XR is not $599 I got mine for $860
n0name guy
Fidget spinner camera
Chris The Tech Guy
Nah I’ll keep my iPhone 7 til next year September.
Erin Stroup
Is XS Max to 11 (not pro) a big down grade?
Samantha Schaefer
I got the iPhone X, still debating about upgrading....
j ramirez
Wide angle.?? Take two steps back.!!! There.!
Vamsi Krishna
I don’t need it, I want it
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The Weirdest Mystery Tech Yet... You Don't Need the iPhone 11 Pro 1 day ago   08:40

From a KFC phone to a gadget that brings pain to technology this mystery tech has it all.
The one and only Lamarr Wilson:
Use this eye massager from Amazon at your own risk:
Shock yourself with the Pavlok on Amazon:
The $645 Gray Advent Titanium iPhone Case:


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