Historian Victor Davis Hanson Rudy Giuliani on Michael Cohen's 1 day ago   14:33

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Author of 'The Case for Trump' explains his early support in the 2016 campaign on 'Life, Liberty & Levin.'

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Comments 1898 Comments

susan mathisen
All honest patriotic hard working Americans support Trump.
aaron garrett
I could listen to this man speak all day.
Tim Howe
Hanson supports Trump because he is a racist who wants latinos to disappear from CA.
Bj D
The californian meltdown will wake people up.
Ken Davidson
More Victor Davis Hanson please!!!!
John Woodruff
Taranee is coming.
Don't listen to these rabid, over the top, hateful, lunatic, irrational conservatives! (That is how the left sees these quiet, thoughtful, insightful, rational men.)
TheFoolinthe rainn
You're reinforcing The Good Old Boys Club? Women voted Trump cuz they have brains- manage budgets. Waiting decades for the testosterone protectors & providers to step up.

Our Bible tells us to worship your sorry asses - and you're supposed to be protectors and providers... you don't tell your own to zip it up so there aren't any abortions...

We're between feminists and the good old boys club - Joy.

You guys got to get over yourselves... This is how the Liberals got in - you still have no respect for your women or children

They don't even enter the conversation

You keep this up - we're all going to lose.
Lloyd Hargrove
On the one hand we actually DIDN'T know too much about what a President Donald Trump would do, but on the other hand we DID know too much about what a President Hillary Clinton would do.
"Equality of Outcome"=Socialism. Pure and simple..
Volk Revel
When women were given the right to vote everything went down hill.
Cecil Treadwell
Trump = Mobocracy
Cecil Treadwell
The only "deep state" is Sean Hannity's own tailpipe.
VDH & Thomas Sowell are the antidote to all of the crazies within our university system America...
veena paulson
Ignorant and arrogant cadre of youth..... I love it!! Two great minds.. Thank you for this!!
Arden Dorney
He hit that on the head...the universities have done society and America a huge disfavor....
Ralph Pizirusso
If there were equality in law, Hillary would be in jail , Obama would be in exile and A O Cortez would be in an asylum .
Randall Van Oosten
This is a brilliant conversation. First, Mark does a superb job interviewing his guests. He genuinely asks intelligent questions and then allows his guests to respond in detail. This is very refreshing and different than so many other bombastic shows and hosts. Then, there is Victor Davis Hanson (VDH). He is not only a noted classicist scholar, but he has a broad range of insights that provide incisive wisdom on a large number of subjects. I am proud to say that he is a product of the traditional Central Valley culture of California. Many people do not realize that California is not merely San Francisco (UC Berkeley and Stanford) or LA (UCLA and USC). In fact many people living in the coastal mega-cities of California are recent interlopers. The Central Valley has its own deep culture that--in many ways--is more authentic to the history of California. VDH expresses his views with understated power and without "flash;" which is in keeping with the agrarian culture of the Central Valley.
Unfortunately this gentleman is right. He is predicting that America as we knew it is being overthrown from within and it has already happened.
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Rudy Giuliani on Michael Cohen's Historian Victor Davis Hanson 1 day ago   13:01

President Trump's former fixer Michael Cohen is sentenced to prison; reaction from President Trump's lead attorney Rudy Giuliani on 'Fox News Sunday.'

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