Boosie on Giving NBA Youngboy Advice: DC Young Fly on Jumping Off High School 2 days ago   06:06

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In this clip, Boosie discussed working with NBA Youngboy and how the two have a project coming out together. Boosie spoke about Youngboy having issues and trying to get through to him on certain matters. However, Boosie said there are times NBA Youngboy won't listen to his advice but he understands where that mentality comes from.

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YeahhBandz Tv
Young boy on vlad soon
Jerrod Robertson
Nigga smoking good tho
Alex Ramirez
Shi YoungBoy free now
Vlad learn to facts bro 🤦‍♂️ study more
Bad Companyy
“We not teenagers at 19 yrs old” trueee Bitch I had bills to pay 💰
cheese gang!
When he get home let’s see wat he wanna do wit dis CD so we can get dis money real shit ...# boosie Legend
Tazz Mane
“I aint holla at him about all dat”😂😂💪🏾💪🏾 Boosie funny as hell
19 ain’t a teenager anywhere nigga you grown
I had to come to the comments soon as Boosie said Blad 😂
Mike Gipp
Boosie was ten seconds off when he said teenager
Tory B
Boosie shell as hell
Nathan French
Vlad 4 sons of a king cmon 🤦🏽‍♂️
Bob M
5:55 "see how we gon do this CD so we can get some money off of it"
😂 old school mentality with them cds. I still listen to them
Isee U
I be glad when he comes out the closet.... Look how he gets excited when talking about Men.... He has no grown friend's.... Pay Attention to Grown Folks who is obsessed with Children..... Who gets mad at the reporter saying this Boy is a teen at 19 year's old.... 😥😂😂😂😂😂 This old head want this lil boy 4 him Self 😂😂😂😂😂
Emil Edwards
2:38 "BLAD"?? 😭
Kollin Harris
He coked out
dave pierson
Blad i mean vlad u need boosie and tray dee for co host lol
DeAndre' Harris
If they make a new Belly movie, Boosie has to play Lennox
Kamuela Hind
Boosie is da man....hella cool unks
SkrillaBag BG
He home now
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DC Young Fly on Jumping Off High School Boosie on Giving NBA Youngboy Advice: 2 days ago   06:16

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Part 1:
In this VladTV exclusive, DC Young Fly spoke about when he started taking his career in the entertainment business seriously. He told a story about a crazy situation that took place in the last two weeks of his senior year of high school. He noted that he was in the bathroom gambling when the principal came in and warned all the students that the police were coming. From there, he explained how he ended up jumping off the roof of his school to escape, only to end up getting caught anyways.
Watch above.

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