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Puffin Forest
Got another Dungeons and Dragons story from when I started up a new campaign. This one takes place 500 years after my previous story ended. The players tracked down a Lycan cult and invaded a boarding school, leading to a rivalry between our paladin and samurai. Enjoy! D&D Story: DM.exe has crashed! || Attack on the school

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When you're just playing DnD and you start a school shooting.
Hey. I have an idea for a d&d series, and I would like people's thoughts on it. I've been a big fan of puffin Forest and dingo doodles for quite some time now, and I love their stories about their d&d campaigns that they've played. It's really made me interested in trying d&d. So my idea for a series is to take a group of people who are interested in d&d, but have never played before, and put them in a d&d campaign created by puffin Forest. And instead of showing the people sitting around the table playing the game, dingo doodles could animate it.I would love to hear from dingo Doodles and puffin Forest what they would think about this. I would call it Amateur D&D.
Luke Weigt
You gæ lel
Elite Radiant Phoenix
5:20 PK Fire
Alex Malik
. . . anyone else feel like the situation was *this* close to becoming a school shooting? In a fictional world?
Daniel Anderson
Gunblade, pretty damn self-explanatory.
@Puffin Forest i know you probably wont see this but do you have discord
Patrice Frazer-Chiasson
In our group (currently playing Ghosts of Saltmarsh) we've had such things as:
- The dead bard getting looted by the rest of the party, then 30 minutes later the player's backup character also died (we looted his body too)
- My halfling pirate wizard burning down a haunted mansion (unintentionally injuring one character and killing another)
- One of the fighters stuffing my unconscious halfling into a crate with the (apparent) intention of dropping him into the sea
- Our monk remotely detonating a minor lightning wand by accident, thereby knocking out the fighter (the same one already mentioned, who technically died, but for that session it wasn't permanent)

I thought our group was dysfunctional...

Then I watched this video again.
Flyin Kites
I hope that player got inspiration for that "Where the wild things are" reference!
> A hat doesn't count as character developement.

> It does in anime.
Krystal Star
Dude that story was amazing, I'm dying right now, worth it. LUL
this sounds like a scp i know.
Anthony Nixon
I enjoy your stuff, but I think I’ve blown through almost all of it in just a few days. I would like to toss in a suggestion. I’d like if you did some more of the longer stories without animation for the sake of just putting it on and listening sometimes
Leros tcg 99
Can you stop swearing on most of your videos i'm 9 years old i know you're not swearing right now but still
So the gnome from the turtle friends is ur brother not just reused model
when are we gonna get a follow up to the group with too many pets? I want to know about the dragon and aboleth.
terrah stormfall
I enjoyed your videos until tonight, you act like you're the best dnd player out there... videos were better before you had that stupid dyke in them... dingo or whoever the hell she is... women don't belong on youtube.. will not be subscribing
Misaki Mei
the makeshift explosives reminds me of the game i played yesterday where my little brother was DMing with myself and our neighbor as players. unlike his friends the two of us did many things he admitted he was never prepared for. one of which was me creating makeshift explosives using gunpowder and flour (which actually has a precedent) as well as us killing hobgoblins followed by cutting their arms off and putting them onto sticks to be used as weapons, and actually power leveling ourselves by attaching the last hobgoblin we left alive to interrogate to a barrel of gunpowder and tossing him into a mess hall which we failed to light but luckily able to fix the situation by tossing a second lit barrel in and killing 60 mobs at one time who never suspected a thing. also tried to use makeshift explosive to blow open the lock on the boss door which prompted him to tell us where the key was as by that point he just wanted it to be over and then said we cant play again for a while because he has to actually prepare the next bit just for us...
Zanar Naryon
I like to think Ben had planned the members of the Turtle Fuckers to be like big, major NPCs. And then Will fucks it all up.
Danielle Sansregret
I wish I had friends to play D&D with.
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Tabletop RPG Story: Lord Of The Rings D&D Story: DM.exe has crashed! || Attack 1 day ago   07:26

Hi everyone! My new video is from when I played a game of Lord of the Rings using the FATE system. We played as the villains conquering Middle Earth. Thanks to the group that invited me to play. You can check out the lovely GM here: https://www.twitch.tv/the12d20

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