Nigeria Elections: Campaign to get women Cuba Sanctions: US announces new sanctions 2 days ago   03:03

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Nigeria has one of the lowest numbers of female lawmakers in the world. Women hold just six percent of seats in parliament. But one activist is trying to change that, and has started a campaign to get more women to run for public office.

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Remove this news because she already drop from the run ... kindly get your info before you upload any video ... she had already step down
Inez Qtaish
INEZ Qtaish say politics is over with, shut down, inez Qtaish don't need politics in my world order, no more running, no 2020 elections cancelled, shut down now.
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Cuba Sanctions: US announces new sanctions Nigeria Elections: Campaign to get women 2 days ago   02:54

On Wednesday, the United States announced the strictest new sanctions against Cuba for decades. The new law, part of the so-called Helms-Burton Act, has been waived ever since the law was passed by the US Congress 23 years ago. But it will now come into effect, allowing Americans to sue for property they lost after the 1959 Cuban Revolution. Ed Augustin reports.

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