Searching For Giant Fish Under Sharks : Scavengers of the Seas - Documentary 1 day ago   13:17

Jiggin' With Jordan
In todays video I go spearfishing for massive grouper under big caves and find more than I ever expected! New? Subscribe and help me reach 2 MILLION Subscribers!!
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Exploring Hidden Paradise for TREASURE!!! (worlds largest ___ )

Found Bag FULL of LOST Valuables While TREASURE HUNTING!!! (hospital hole)

Exploring Backyard Canals For River Treasure!! (ft. YAPPY)

Tristan and I NEVER Caught These Before!!! (Expensive fish)

Searching For Giant Fish Under Coral Caves!! (Spearfishing)

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teacher : who do you look up too?

Me: Brandon Jordan

teacher: why

me: hes a really good guy looks after the fish cleans out water!
Dec Zerrudo
I wish i can do that also. I wanna try to this
anne Villalobos
I love too watch this.
Santiago Tapia
Do more videos 😀😉
Tình Phanqrsjxrfdhkyygvmvz
A ơi tặng cho em một cây súng lặn bắn cá biển nha a
Marko Milenkovic
Wtf you working for your food?!
Quinn Elson
0:51 Dallas looks like a red neck post Malone😂😂
Connor DeYoung Racing
up here in SC water temp was 50 degrees at 90 ft and 54 on the surface xD I'll take 60 all day
"Shes legal"
Bill Wilson
This guy sucks on black dick on the weekend
Grant Eshbaugh
Bruh why would anyone dislike this quality content
I’m really stupid and curious if that hurts the fish?
Jon 710
Being from NorCal, diving in 67 degree water sounds nice lol
Hazer everything
Personally I think spear fishing is cruel like is you agree
Gabe Booker
Keep up the good work 💯
Clark James Dacillo
Keep on spear diving 🤣
Drogon Anfield
Glad it said SEARCHING for giant fish, since none were caught. Oh, hang on, they looked HUGE when held out at arm’s length. 😂
Robert Baughman
Love seeing gags speared!
MegaRed Kenta Date
WOW! Looks fun! Thank you for sharing!
Jay ioanis
Can't wait to see you're next video's on "spear fishing".
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Sharks : Scavengers of the Seas - Documentary Searching For Giant Fish Under 1 day ago   49:41

Before being an earthly paradise with enchanting colours, the lagoon of New-Caledonia is above all a paradise for sharks. Usually considered as fierce predators, sharks really are opportunistic scavengers.

Scavengers that are not too picky when it comes to their menu: feathers, fins or fur, anything will do.

Amongst the most striking scenes which punctuate this documentary filmed for four years in New Caledonia, is the never-seen-before sequence of the planet’s greatest animal, a weakened blue whale, attacked and cleaned up by hordes of sharks from the surface down to the abyss. High quality images and a dramatic backdrop soundtrack plunge us into the shark's world.

Author(s): Cyril Barbançon, Bertrand Loyer
Director(s): Cyril Barbançon, Bertrand Loyer
Year: 2003
Producer(s): Saint Thomas Productions, Canal+
Running time: 52 mn
Distributor(s): Village Distribution

Japan Wildlife Film Festival
Japan, 2003
Best Underwater Film

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A man among Orcas - documentary BBC

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