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Richard Aguilar
You know, almost a third of new cars sold in Norway last year were all-electric vehicles, this is a new world record achieved by the country as the it focuses on achieving its goal of becoming free from fossil fuel cars.

The Norwegian Road Federation reported that a third of car sales last year were fully electric cars. And according to Norwegian Road Traffic Information, out of the 147,929 new passenger cars registered in 2018, 31.2 percent of them were pure electric cars.

Norway is moving right into the future of all-electric vehicles which are the best for the environment.

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Richard Aguilar
Norway set a new world record last year after almost a third of all its new car sales were all-electric. The country was ahead in EV sales compared to other countries last year. What can you say about this guys?

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mike Lewis
What I like with the Norwegians they are looking forward and not back not like the US they are still stuck in the past
Hi, I just discovered your channel. All great videos, loooved them. Just just a humble suggestion. Change your background and the angle of your camera. Will look much pleasant.
Congratulations, Norway!!!👍👍👍
Rajpal singh
Can u please make a video on India EV future .. ??
But why? The country is by the ocean so there's no pollution due to an ocean breeze. Instead, they're creating pollution with electric vehicles in terms of where the batteries are built and disposed.
glenn goodale
Great video as always. Very informative, but very understandable
KIKYO Del Toro
Hi from México 🇲🇽
romeo serban
Fuck the oil Giants
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Volvo 360c - Electric Car Without Know This Country That 1 day ago   05:39

Volvo 360c Concept - Drive, Interior and Exterior. Subscribe.
#Volvo #360c
This is a mere glimpse of a myriad of scenarios and questions raised by Volvo Cars’ new Volvo 360c concept, revealed today as part of the company’s vision for the future of travel – autonomous, electric, connected and safe – and which may allow Volvo Cars to enter new growth markets.

The concept environments reflect the potential for change in the fundamental structure of how people live, by transforming unproductive or boring travel time into useful and enjoyable minutes or hours on the road.

Fully autonomous and electric travel offers a range of advanced safety and environmental benefits, such as less pollution, less traffic congestion, and related health and lifestyle advantages for those living in cities. It also opens up possibilities for more residential freedom, reduced pressure on real estate pricing and more affordable home ownership.

The 360c is based on a fully autonomous, electric car without a human driver. It reimagines how people travel, how they engage with friends, family and contacts, and how they can recapture time while travelling.

The concept presents four potential uses of autonomous driving vehicles – a sleeping environment, mobile office, living room and entertainment space - representing an attractive travel option that could rival air, bus and train providers, but with competitive advantages in comfort, convenience and privacy.

With the 360c, Volvo Cars also explores opportunities to expand its business model beyond that of a traditional car manufacturer. The company anticipates strong customer interest from a range of different industries.

One example of this is the 360c’s potential as a lucrative competitor to short-haul air travel, a multi-billion dollar industry comprising airlines, aircraft makers and other service providers. The 360c sleeping environment enables first-class private cabin travel from door to door, without the inconvenience of airport security, queuing, noisy and cramped airliners.

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