Russia and Ukraine's conflict explained Why is the US arming Turkey's enemies at its border? 2 days ago   06:10

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What's going on between Russia and Ukraine? From natural gas theft to Russia's seizure of Ukrainian gunboats, here's everything you need to know about the two former Soviet states. #Ukraine #Russia #Soviet

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Paul Smith
Can we change the background music?
tito martinez
That's dumb then the EU will supply Ukraine very dumb project if you ask me Russia is going to give the Turks power by allowing them to supply EU
J John
You omitted so many things about what tragedy was made by the maidan protester and why the Ukraine ships were denied by Russian ships.
Gerard Smadja
It is extraordinary that this disinformation has been staying on the Google/Youtube list since Dec 14th.
Is google trying to prove its selection is biased? Not found a single more relevant comment since then (failure of Poroshenko, elections, Nordstream/oil, exchange of prisoners,etc...)?
Digant Shah
Can it be possible not to include the background music and just your voice?
Digant Shah
Thanks for such informative video. Thanks for the time and efforts. Liked and subscribed to your channel.
Anh Nguyen
Its Russian fight the nazi in Ukraine . Stop the fake new pls
Mustapha Jabir
Thank you. it was really a good explanation.
John Doh
Please, Trump, declare war on Russia. Let's kill every one of those cockroaches.
Carlos Munoz
So it’s really about oil
Nikos Michopoulos
Why don't they mention the paramilitary forces with Nazi symbols that killed and raped people? Whether Ukrainians or Russians in Crimea? Why not mention something about the other part of Ukraine concerning the Odyssey region? There he has a civil war with Anarchist groups fighting these paramilitary Nazi groups. We go well with propaganda ... One with the Amazon, one with the North Pole, one with Syria, one with Iran, one with Africa etc. The fascists are everywhere and they are the cogs of the polis who run for profit only. Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese, American and everything is nothing but a hoax.Clearly, Putin, like Trump, uses nationalist and patriotic Christian ideas to fan the idiots. One of these ways is this video that is propaganda against one side.
Zachary F
Make sure you say "Bless you" to the guy who sneezes at 3:33 in the background.
Ukraine Countryhumans
Bastet Olesya
Eurasian Economic Union would save our country, EU association only led Ukraine into deep dark hole. I wish to say: idiots deserve this. I am waiting when Ukraine will suffer more and more, because idiots deserve it. I am leaving this country
Sumit Kuwar
Very good ukrian is Russian part
Fortnite and News
Russia is big enough. It is on two continents.
anomaly xd 2020
Hahaha.. you’re using Google
Nick von Liphart
No mention of US sponsored groups and their association with the Maidan revolution? How about the leaked state dept memos setting up the post-maidan powerstructure?
freddy estrada
so the ukrain majority wanted russua but EU and Nato stepped in and said nope get their democratically elected leader out then russia stepped in for their people and eu says that illegal so russia took it by force causing a war but ukrain before that was taking gas from the EU and russia 🤦‍♂️ russia shouldnt have never invaded should have made its people vote and protest amd eu shouldnt have never stepped in either 🤦‍♂️both sides at fault
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Why is the US arming Turkey's enemies at its border? Russia and Ukraine's conflict explained 2 days ago   02:52

The YPG is linked to a group that both Turkey and the US consider a terrorist organisation. So why is the US arming and training 30,000 of them on Turkey's border with Syria?

#Turkey #YPG #Syria

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