Here's Why the Compaq Presario 1611 The Tandy 1000 - The best MS-DOS 2 days ago   15:07

Released in 1997, this laptop was a multimedia powerhouse packed full of the latest tech. Twitter:


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jonathan lomely
That laptop brings back memories
Boring! I've still got one of those suitcase Compaqs, the first portable PCs from the early 80's. 5 inch mono CRT screen, 5.25" disk drive... thing felt like it weighed 50 pounds.
Art Zed
This laptop was used by agents that used infrastructures and more secret technologies.. sattelites and frequencies and EMF RF bending
Lawrence L.
I miss this Windows 98, 1997, era....I was so much happier and alive then. Computers, the web, and the world in general....was so much more alive then.
one thing that hasnt changed, security slots
Lukas Padilla
That was my first laptop to share as a family and I ruined it lol.
Ese modelo de pc lo e visto en las chacharas por $50 pesos hoy en dia.
"You can't use one hand to open the laptop."

This was way before Pornhub, so I don't think it mattered.
Better than my laptop
OK, I maybe understand its price back in the days, but why now ? Please enlighten me !
*Compares PC with... iPad* Blasphemy!
tony radosevic
throw it in the bin what a load of rubbish laptop
Garret Roland
Not Available
The feet on the bottom are for airflow.
Michael Izzo
Video game Doug Demuro here no?

Update: said that before I saw the end.
Hyoga Saint
can it run witcher 3?
No, the dedicated multimedia keys that even controlled the CD-drive where not common, but the Dell Inspiron 6000 is another example.
Diogo Carvalho
man fallout is the franchise of my life for sure, its a pitty bethesda made fallout 76 using its ass... by the way, great rewiew, so many details, youre a perfectionist... greetings from brazil!!
Back in the day laptops were exclusive to business people (usually) and the rich - I remember dreaming of a laptop as a kid.
Joao Afonso
Fallout best game ever. Bar none.
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The Tandy 1000 - The best MS-DOS Here's Why the Compaq Presario 1611 2 days ago   20:04

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