World faces catastrophic risks Insect Population Decline: New Research 2 days ago   02:06

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The world's insects are on the road to extinction and could vanish in 100 years, according to the first global review of decades of research into insect populations.
Scientists say the findings are "frightening" and a "catastrophic" threat to our ecosystems.
Al Jazeera's Mereana Hond has more.

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As you can see white people destroyed the planet
If the end of the world doesn't catch peoples' attention, what will?
7/11 Truther.
I don't care what anyone says, humanity needs some sort of controlled population decline RIGHT NOW. If we can't overcome our collective greed, then we deserve to go extinct.
Jacque boyce
Pouring down chemicals all over the world in chem-trails - what do you expect? Each year 25 years ago every apple I picked off my tree had exactly one lady bird and one earwig head first where the stem met the apple. Now only one earwig here and there - not every apple. How can they think that showering chemicals down daily has no effect on the insect population???
Its time they start saying "when" not "if"
Rahul Varghese
The only insects that needs to be extinct are the mosquitos
There are like 10 quadrillion insects
Mint Lemonade
But Mosquitoes seems to be thriving. jeez this insect.
I am getting real tired of climate change and global warming news, they really are just boring. Why is everyone worrying and so pumped up for us being extinct. Look I know we made many mistakes, but insects, no matter how many times they'll die it will have more insects over and over again. Just turn off the smokers and move on cause if you think human disappearance is scary well it's not it's just lame. The insects will be OK, just have faith and pray.
Many birds rely on insects as food.
As the insects decline, so do the birds.

Insects break down fallen wood in forests.
As the insects decline, the fallen wood will build up.
More raging forest fires.

There are many consequences to a declining insect population.
Hawa Ahmadi
People eat all these insects in thailand and this new way of food culture is slowly getting its way around the world.

This is why the balance in insect world collapses.

Everybody has gone so paranoid about going in famine so that although there are enough food they practice on insects where they destroy our vegetable and plants balance
Chsse Chen
Greedy Capitalism, as long the insects death generate money or profits and not cost the MNC and greedy CEO their company growth,profits and bonus. Then the bug gonna keep dying. Simple as that.
Insectapocalypse is the new Climate Change... is the new Global Warming... is the new Hole In The Ozone Layer... is the new Global Cooling... yawn!
We've (humans) really thrown the balance of the planet in so many ways we haven't even begun to understand the ramifications of our actions. We think we're smart. We're not...just arrogant.
Probably Monsanto
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Insect Population Decline: New Research World faces catastrophic risks 2 days ago   05:04

Recent research has shown that insect populations around the world are in rapid decline, with up to 40% of all known species experience population losses. Learn more about this issue and how you can help!

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