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Backing up your data is not the most entertaining or exciting computer task. Traditionally, data backup has meant cobbling together a hardware and software strategy to make backup possible. A Internet video series by

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Clickfree is out of business did you know that very sad
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The Clickfree backup software is the easiest way to protect your data, with no effort at all, by automatically searching for and backing up all the content stored on your computer to any USB storage device, such as an external hard drive or a flash drive.

Just connect a USB drive (external hard drive or flash key) and the Clickfree message will appear asking if you'd like to use that drive to backup. Just click "Yes" and your backup will begin.

The first time you back up, Clickfree searches for and backs up all of your important content. When Clickfree has finished backing up your computer, you can remove the USB drive or leave it connected to the computer. If you remove it, the next time you connect it to the same computer, Clickfree will automatically back up any new or changed content. If you leave the USB drive connected to your computer, backups will be completed automatically once per day.

You can view, restore, or transfer backed up content onto a different computer as long as the Clickfree software on the original computer is activated with a full license (not a trial version).

The USB drive used for Clickfree backups can still be used on any other computer for other purposes not related to Clickfree. For example, you can copy files onto it manually from any computer.

If you connect a different USB drive, Clickfree ignores it and does not interfere with its normal operation. If you want to back up to the different drive, click the Clickfree icon in the system tray and choose Select Drive.

Clickfree software is available in 3 versions, Personal (for a single PC), Home (for up to 3 PCs) and Small Business (for up to 10 PCs). For Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 PCs.

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