Is Ukraine losing the war with Russia? Crimea: A Look Inside the New Russian 11 months ago   25:19

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On this week’s UpFront, we speak with Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration, Ivanna Klympush-Tsintsadze about the ongoing conflict in Eastern Ukraine and the situation in Russian-annexed Crimea.

And we discuss whether or not Jair Bolsonaro, the controversial front-runner in the Brazilian elections could be a threat to Brazil’s democracy.

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aljazeera - arabs - arabs friend/customers of russian weaponry - title implying ukraine loosing the war ... not even bothering to watch this bullshit.
No. They are not. Crimea is Ukraine. Kosovo is Albania.
moses zadikian
Russia doesn't need Ukraine. but Ukraine without Russia cant survive. Ukraine started the conflict turn their back on Russia. knowing Ukraine if invited US and Euro to come into borders of Russia. it will violet the agreement of Ukraine. now how Ukraine will provide gas to their country. its Russia was helping. end of this year Russia will send directly Gas to Europe. will not need Ukraine to pass gas line. Ukraine if they are smart they go back on the table and work with Putin.
David Reynoso
Go Ukraine. Military 👍 Communist Nation beware. God bless.
Azariah Chhangte
A Georgian speaking for Ukraine😂😂😂😂
Brilliant moderator, he is professional and he is roasting her by the facts.
Hannibal Lecter
Atomy Vietnam
What! Do you know Ukraine belongs to Russia before the berlin wall falled. You are speaking your mind. She is full of lies... ukraine better not trust USA.
Tony Mundo
America stop giving money 2 NATO
Tony Mundo
Ppl wake up NATO IS EVIL
Geo Adventure
How stupid that title is. Russia still did not show up for the war. If it does Ukraine will disappear.
Nicholas Higgins
Lying crazy herion dealer maybe it's the herion talking she's nuts
Nicholas Higgins
Nicholas Higgins
Shes delusional
Rama Shtovba LDS
OMG she doesn’t know what she is talking about! Do not listen to Her!
Dragon Associates
This “news” anchor is an idiot
thinking aloud , if you lost a piece of land and for 5 years you havent taken it back, how can you say you are winning ?
Павел Бурдейный
This is example how sell your honor to president. (P.S. I'm Ukrainian)
Ryan 8191
Ha so in 50 yrs. They'll get Crimea back!!
Have a draft! Send 1million troops in to Crimea!!
Mike Knows Best
So many Russian bots and trolls here , my god lol . I just hope their will be peace once this war is over
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Crimea: A Look Inside the New Russian Is Ukraine losing the war with Russia? 11 months ago   15:48

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Days after Ukraine’s president was toppled from power during the Euromaidan revolution, Russian soldiers and local proxies took control of the strategically important Crimean peninsula and surrounded Ukrainian troops in their bases. Unhappy with the change in government in Kiev and using the unfounded fear of the Russian language being restricted, Russia made a bid for control in the region.

Following an illegal and fraudulent referendum on whether Crimea would become a part of Russia or not, Russia then formally annexed the peninsula — a move which was widely condemned by the international community. Russia had, in one quick and mostly bloodless takeover, reminded the world of its power, and made the West in its poor handling of the situation appear weak.

VICE News headed to Crimea to see how the change in rulers has gone down with the local population. Some residents welcomed Russia and the prospect of a greater economic future, while others feared losing their freedom to speak out, and did not like the idea of becoming pawns in Russia's military muscle flexing.

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