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Nils-Axel Morner, a former head of the Paleo-Geophysics and Geodynamics Department in Stockholm, says a new solar-driven cooling period for the Earth is ‘not far off’.

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Dušan Trušnovec
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e is just a small amount of dates of situation at permafrost ...Think for urself than !! ........
Dušan Trušnovec
.....and meanwhile ice is melting as crazy on north and also begin on Antarctica !! Methan escape in enormous amount and land gets dry and out of water ..: When balance is out, extremes happening ......So !? ....
frank chalykoff
it would not take this guy so long to make his point if he just stopped repeating himself. perhaps it's time for a check-up.
melvin boyce
This is disturbing, I bought property in the Ozark mountains hoping I would have Island property soon.
Lisa b
I have to question the questions here.

1) The earths rotation is not directly on the north / south parallel. 2) The earths rotation is on the magnetic north / south parallel. 3) Ocean tides (twice per day) are based on the earth rotation relative to what? If my schooling is correct, the moons proximity and magnetic pull. 4) A majority of the earths water is in the form of ice in the north arctic and the south antarctic. 5) Both arctic and antarctic ice is melting and I am assuming by an increase in the earths air temperature supposedly the cause by human actions and industry, etc.

So in theory, the melting of the ice caps will allow water to spread out equally in all the oceans. Therefor, "in theory", the oceans are rising on the high tides and thus the concern of low water land area's will be routinely and or permanently flooded!


Thank you in advance.
Paul Dunn
So good to hear good men with the truth. I am so fed up with climate change every time you turn on media. It’s all about the government taking your money
Andrew Brady
How “not far off” would you say?
10..... million years???

For the love of GOD.....LOOK AT THE DATA!!!!!!!!
Stop this ignorant BS!!
James DeGray
I believe the answer is not limiting CO2, but CO&methane and gases that are far greater greenhouse gases. Think about it like refractive index. Also if we boost CO2 levels lower NOx/CO then plant grasses and trees we will have a much more stable environment regardless of seasonal or regionalized temperature change. Also more oxygen which lowers sickness rates. I am only talking like a 1-4% oxygen change. Capture methane from atmosphere or concentrated areas, and refreeze ice caps using methane. To decrease NOx and CO gases put catalytic elements on flu exhaust, as well change the burn rate for internal combustion engines. Catalytic converters on cars should not be the primary exhaust gas control for vehicles. Think plant based fuels, only a little nuclear, but biologically sourced from plants oils supplementing fossil oil.
Robert Peace
The truth will out! Stuff the UN and NATO and all the other clubs run by the elite!!
alan brown
biggest scam in history. Bastards.
The sun/earth solar cycle and earth's orbit is always changing. But in historical records of fossil data there is NO correlation of these cycles of orbits and the Earth climate patterns; it is much more complex than the eccentricity of orbits and the slight solar output variations of less than .0013% of radiance in normal cycles. Man has altered the chemical makeup of the Atmosphere radically and swiftly. Similar to a asteroid strike or massive volcano eruption. Solar cycles periods are several 1of 11 years another of 10000 year to complete. These changes are not what is going to kill billions it is the abrupt climate change and resulting starvation. This man in the slick suit is going to be F-ed just like the rest of us! This fellow is being paid by banks/big oil to lie to you!
Kenny Shapiro
They could force a modern iceage if they go threw with rapid cooling the planet eats co2 4 seasons = climate change. Plants eat our Co2 and give us Oxygen.
Get the young on side is the main thing older folk(dissenters) will die off naturally.Old school propaganda trick that`s being used in education centres throughout the world..Al Gore`s An Inconvenient Truth being part of it, along with Extinction Rebellion at the moment
I don't want a google+ page
The man made co2 global warming was proven in 2011... have the courage to watch and learn from acual climent scientists
This planet has had advanced clean energy technology for decades and won't use it because of the huge amounts of money and especially control of the population made from the continuous use of fossil fuels. PERIOD. Millions of regular people will perish in the coming climate shift without the use of the advanced technologies.
Scorpio AlBeau
IS GLOBAL WARMING A SCAM? - David Icke | London Real ...Yes it'S a scam............. via @YouTube
Joe Auer
And I looked, and behold a Green horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth. -Revelation 6:8
Daniel Rodrigues
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Emergency Water Source - Evaporating New sun-driven cooling period of Earth 1 day ago   05:12

Jason shows a survival skill how to make a bush still or evaporator using the sun's solar power to collect fresh water from vegetation and sea water.

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