Why women’s pockets suck Divided island: How Haiti and the DR became 1 day ago   04:30

Women's minuscule pockets favor fashion over function – and it sucks.

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It turns out that women went from having what some might call “superior” pockets to the ridiculously tiny versions we have today. We’ve been asking for better pockets since the beginning of the 20th century, but somehow, not much has changed. What’s the hold up?

You can find The Pudding's pocket eye-opening sizing interactive – made by Jan Diehm and Amber Thomas – here: https://pudding.cool/2018/08/pockets/

If you liked this video, check out this article from Racked on the role of pockets during the suffrage movement: https://www.vox.com/2016/9/19/12865560/politics-of-pockets-suffragettes-women  

And if you’re interested in the long history of women’s pockets you can check out: “The Pocket: A Hidden History of Women's Lives, 1660-1900” by Barbara Burman and Ariane Fennetaux (to be published by Yale University Press in 2019): https://yalebooks.yale.edu/book/9780300239072/pocket

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You can play around with The Pudding's pocket interactive and see the breakdown brand-by-brand for yourself here: https://pudding.cool/2018/08/pockets/
Clementine's Thigh Gap
oH mY gOD i thOUGHT thIS waSNT aN isSUE iN thE woRLD aND iT waS onLY ME
*_cries of celebration from england_*
Gretta Clarkson
My prom dress had pockets deep enough to fit my phone in without being seen
Simz 117
Thats sexist
Peter Müller
they have an agreement with the handbag industry
Because purses
Sreemukh Kovuri
“Pocket equality”. Look where that got us. 😂
stan astro
Thanks to this video I discovered that my favorite pair of jeans actually have front pockets that fit my entire hand
Veronica Watson
Meh I'm not that upset.
Mindy Holahan Peters
Duluth Trading Company jeans have big deep pockets. 🥰
Fuvk Purses! It causes women to be more likely to be mugged
You stupid clothes company! Dont you realize how much $$$$ you'd make to fullfill this pocket fantasy we have?!?!?! GO MAKE BIGGER POCKETS
This was always a joke topic between me and my bf. He never wear a backpack or similar, he is so confident in his pockets, which can fit all he need: phone, wallet and keys. An because of that, he never carry with him tissues, glasses case, water bottles, or any of the extra things that women can carry in our bags. So... If we get something on the way, a book, food... Or even his jacket in a sunny day, it will always end up in my backpack...!
So I show him how japanese guys wear all kind of fashion of men bags, they think in practical, they move a lot.
In the other hand, yes, bigger pockets will be extra help for us.
Mark E.
But...you ladies are wearing yoga pants everywhere...not that we guys are complaining...except the bbw..please...stop.
Aquine Aquine
Hey,global warming amiright?
Lance Ash
Jesus, from a glance at the thumbnail I thought it said, "Why Women's PODCASTS suck."
Yashvardhan Raju
I always thought it was a business tactic for women to buy purses
Chv Hndrtntlr
So basically western woman discriminate themselves, by making their pocket smaller instead of useable...then they blame men why they have bigger and convenience pocket after that....hmmm interesting story
Ella Bella
I used to tie a jacket around my waist just to have a pocket
Margaret Amelia
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Divided island: How Haiti and the DR became Why women’s pockets suck 1 day ago   15:52

One island, two worlds.
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Haiti and the Dominican Republic share a border, and an island. But the two countries are very different today: the Dominican Republic enjoys higher quality of life for many factors than Haiti. I went to this island and visited both countries, to try and understand when and how their paths diverged. And I began to learn how those differences are playing out in the present.

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