ELECTRIC UNICYCLE: King Song Ninebot One electric unicycle training 2 days ago   04:59

AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke
King Song 14D ➜ http://bit.ly/KS14D
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Electric unicycles (self balancing "Segway" 'hoverboard' one wheels) are one of my favorite electric rideables, and this 14D is packing some sweet specs and features for the price! Insane battery and motor, offer crazy fast speeds, long distance, FOUR built-in bluetooth speakers, "spinning" LED's customizable in the app, extendable carrying/walking-handle, lots of great features, plus of course it feels fantastic to ride, strong power, super fast, great off-roading - I give it 5 stars.

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AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke
Check out current pricing: King Song 14D ➜ http://bit.ly/KS14D
Kenneth C
Very good introduction. Really useful!
Brandon V.
Is the link the same thing just with a protective case
Mate from Virginia
Excellent video. However, what are some of the downsides of the 14 inch? I've seen comparisons to the 14 & 16 inch Kingsongs and the recommendations went to the 16 inch for beginers. I've ordered the 16 inch. I watched your review on the Inmotion and that's what got me interested in unicycles.
Mick Gonzalez
Does "HELLO KINGSONG!" prompt when turning on the wheel? That's the make or break question for me. I like KingSong's specs on their wheels but that just turns me off :\
This or 14s? My office is like a mile away, with some inclined (i think it wont be an issue). Instead of buying a bicycle
It was a great video until he mentioned Casey Neistat 😒
Flora Yuan
Wonderful review!
Hello from Russian official KingSong distributor!
Jon Anderson
I ride a Segway/Ninebot one-wheeled scooter and wish you would include the risks. They are: busy cross-traffic at intersections, irregular/uneven pavement, and maintaining balance when moving slowly. You’re right, falling off is quite painful, but speed is not the only reason. And yes, wearing a helmet is essential. I also recommend gloves and a padded jacket.
Will you review the king song 14b
Vicky Huang
Great wheel!!
max uz
Nice review could u try out the 1500w electric scooter from super cycles and scooters? they can go up to 40 mph
Zulkernyeen Ijaz
Rick Tokle
😎👍🇺🇸 pretty cool cycle good video don’t think it’s for me though.
Of coarse he won't go over the cons because he's sponsored lol
Alex Bay
Very nice unicycle but rather prefer a electric skateboard in that pricerange 😁
Elad Cohen
I love you
Max Mustermann
ad video ...
Jaden Roux
Ahh you are making me jealous. I want them so bad but they don't ship to my country.
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Ninebot One electric unicycle training ELECTRIC UNICYCLE: King Song 2 days ago   07:23

The most painful day I ever had learning to ride my EUC.

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