Greenpeace Co-Founder DESTROYS Bobby THIS IS THE END ,SUPREME COURT DROPS 2 days ago   03:54

james hoft
Greenpeace Co-Founder DESTROYS Bobby 'Beto' O'Rourke on Climate Change

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AOC lying her ass off again about her commie new deal! Where she wants to give people that don't want to work a living wage. We all ready have a program that does that it's called welfare and many people make a life off leaching off the taxpayers.I saw one video where a denver woman was mad because after being on section 8 for 20 years landlords were not accepting the vouchers anymore. Really 20 years on a program that is to help get you back on your feet and in the workforce. This leads me to believe she has also been sucking up welfare for the last 20 years these two programs seem to go hand in hand.
Bob Geib
useless infrastructure ... how will she get her HUGE SUV around town? HOW will she campaign without air travel or roads? Yes, stupid infrastructure and fossil fuels
Joe Schlotthauer
If only everyone would just quit breathing...
Bradly May
That bitch seems more and more retarded every time she speaks, useless infrastructure, wtf is she talking about?
gordon mathew
Ever notice that these assclowns never tell us what their economy-wrecking 'fixes' will actually do for the 'climate'?
Greg Echlin
You mean al gore. We are supposed to be under water now. 61 percent in Iowa supports the green deal? Did they pole 9th grader's?
Benny Hill
Ah wait! The world is going to end, and Ocasio Cortes may be right after all let me explain: If, God forbid, she's able to put in pratice all her amazing enviromental recipies THE WORLD INDEED IS GOING TO END!
Benny Hill
Ocasio Cortez is not even a well informed, well read person much less a scientis and much less an intelligent person.
Negrochiflado Rivera
The Democrats have gone completely stupid.
We don't know what the weather will be like a month from now in any given area of the world and yet these ass-hats can say with absolute certainty that the world will end.
Mark Czaja
91percent our asses
Buck E
To say Cortez is the author of that shit deal is a total lie.
Earl Reid
Nuclear is the only way. Replace all the old outdated unsafe reactors. With new technology.
tom jackson
The polls ask us what we want to hear. Then the politicians tell us what we said we wanted to hear. Then, when elected, officials pass laws to legalize what their billionaire contributors want to do. Any allegiance to the voters is left outside as they enter the door of their government office.
Raj Patel
The average electricity price in Australia is roughly 32cents per KW/hr
energy prices have doubled in the last 8 years.
There is a state Adelaide on one day last year lost total power for most of the day, even the hospital, lights out,
because the left wing State Govt has a renewable fantasy.
Seems like we are the guinea pigs for the NWO. DO NOT give up your guns.
Ran C
Beta O’dork
blue shade
I'll tell you where Beta and AOC get this idea.....they're fucking idiots.
M Schoenfuss
BaHahahaha hahahaha hahahaha Goddamn !!! Liberals are so fucking STUPID. We need war.
Papi Parsons
Money thrown away on "useless infrastructure" AOC is useless.
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THIS IS THE END ,SUPREME COURT DROPS Greenpeace Co-Founder DESTROYS Bobby 2 days ago   04:48

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