American Husband Driving in Australia! 10 Things McDonald's In Australia Do Differently 2 days ago   12:24

Jess and Gabriel
American Husband Driving in Australia! 😂

Jess driving in Aus!

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Love you guys!!
Jess & Gabriel xx

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Irene Kuo
It has come full circle. First video I watched of Jess and Gabe was a YouTube suggested one – Australian Girlfriend driving in America for the first time (smth like that) Best thing YouTube has done for me
Nari J.
Jess was reallyyy enjoying that Vegemite 😂
i literally scream when i heard gabe singing " senorita "
When Jess said GABRIEL I had to rewind it 3 times to process it in my brain. Never heard her say that before
5:06 you're welcome
Princess Daddy
You know what would be great, if the went to Canada! We love Canadians supporting Americans & Australians! But till that I guess ill be the one coming to them!
Monster Lollipop
I would love if you guys can do giveaway of harper and willow or your merch. Love you both so much💕
Stu Borown
I guess Gabriel needs second wife or Jess needs several husbands.
srinitya pavani
Maisoon Almughairy
Why are you guys the cutest couple on earth💕💕
priscila terrazas
My boyfriend is just as weird as gabe and loves to scare me while driving🙄🙄🙄 i get you girl😅
Yana Vleminx
Im australian to 🥰🥰❤️❤️😛😛
Jai Dhe
She is hot. "Tits out for the boys!" - now that's Aussie!
So get them out. 🤨

Gay - bree-L - get the fuck off cam and more of Mrs Sexy!
Emily An
So funny how Gabe scared Jess then realized he messed up because already promised not to scare her and jump into explain tight after 😂😂 Oh Gabriel 😂😂😂
I love when y’all joke. The scare in the beginning cracked me up. That’s how silly my boyfriend is with me!!!
Annie Rose
You guys should really do a video with Noah and Kara Beth, while you are in Australia!!!🙏😉
Jess Lee
i wonder if Jess and Gabriel still read comments 🤔 if you see this, please know that u guys are always the best youtuber and i wish to see you in the future 😍😍 i will fly to USA just to see you guys🤣 not a joke
hen ko
ShaFiq Vallixandra
Gab, I like you man, you’re such a coolest guy in youtube, you’re not act like you show off or pretending like you too much, idk how to say it but anyways, love your vids , 👍
Lifung Yee
Gabriel say I love you and tell jess to said back to her awwww that was so cuteeee
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10 Things McDonald's In Australia Do Differently American Husband Driving in Australia! 2 days ago   15:31

Here's a list of 10 Things McDonald's In Australia Do Differently Than Us. McDonald's in Australia is, different, and these are 10 things McDonald's in Australia does differently than us.
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One of the great things about travelling is getting to try new kinds of regional food from all over the world, delighting in Russian borscht or German sauerkraut. But, did you know that fast food chains in foreign countries aren’t the same as what you’re used to at home? Well let’s travel down under to look at 10 things McDonald’s in Australia do differently than us.

If you enjoyed this list of 10 things McDonald's in Australia do differently than us., then comment: #McDonalds #Australia #FastFood

0:25 It’s All in the Name
1:55 Different Toppings
3:21 Bucket List Wi-Fi
4:20 McCafe
5:42 Different Choices at McDonald’s Australia
7:16 Fries With That?
8:52 Delectable Desserts
10:19 No McDonald’s Value Menu in Australia
11:58 Frozen Coke
13:33 The Macca’s Aesthetic

- The Aussie’s will probably understand what you mean if you ask them for directions to the nearest McDonald’s to satisfy your fast food cravings, but you’ll find you have better luck if you ask them for a route to ‘Macca’s’ instead.
- An often overlooked but decidedly crucial part of a fast food feast is the sauces and dressing you slather on top of your burgers, dip your fries into, and drizzle over your salads.
- "Free Wi-Fi" is a term that's become ubiquitous around the world and McDonald's is no exception. While most McDonald's locations worldwide offer free WiFi, Macca's locations in Australia put a very McDonald's-esque spin on the whole idea.
- McDonald’s coffee has become a well-loved commodity, one that so many people simply could not live without. Indeed, it could even be considered as a main staple of the franchise.
- One of the fun parts of travelling is trying out new types of regional food. This doesn’t just mean unique dishes in cozy little mom-and-pop type restaurants, though those are fun too. But, it can be especially interesting to see what kinds choices are available in seemingly familiar restaurants.
- Everyone knows that french fries are an absolute staple of any self-respecting fast food chain restaurant. But, in Australia, they say “step aside” to plain old fries. At Macca’s, you can garnish them with the topping of your choice.
- In America, ordering dessert at McDonald’s is not a very complicated procedure. The hardest choice you’ll have to make is choosing the flavor of your McFlurry, that is, if the notorious ice cream machine is even working!
- Some of these differences between McDonald’s and Macca’s really give you ideas for how to improve the franchise here in the United States. However, here’s one difference that actually reads more as a drawback than an improvement: The McDonald’s in Australia DOES NOT have a value menu!
- It gets HOT in the summers down under! When the sun is pounding down, it feels like a sauna even in the shade, the water is boiling, and the air is sweltering, you need something to help you cool down. Sounds like the perfect time for a stop at Macca’s.
- The biggest aspect of McDonald’s in Australia that really stands out from that of America is the entire look. Macca’s has a unique aesthetic design that is both modern and inviting. The sleek, fresh structure somehow still manages to transmit a warm atmosphere.

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