Battlefront Camera Ukrainian War latest Frontline Update: Ukraine's "Pending 2 days ago   07:45

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Nico Brouwers
Slava UA
Slava DB
Slava Azov
Slava UA army
Slava for the people and military who die in the war

god bless you guys stay strong stay safe stay a life
and kill match mother fuckers from russia

Nico Brouwers
Almere Netherlands
Ukrainian nazis
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Frontline Update: Ukraine's "Pending Battlefront Camera Ukrainian War latest 2 days ago   15:17

(ENG & RUS CCs) I traveled to the southern front line of the Ukraine War to investigate allegations, by the head of Donetsk People's Republic, that Ukraine has massed 12000 soldiers and is preparing a "Full-scale offensive" to take control of the border between Russia and DPR. Filmed Yesterday 12/12/18
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