Battlefront Camera Ukrainian War latest War in Ukraine, Part 44 (Lohvynove) | History 1 day ago   07:45

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Nico Brouwers
Slava UA
Slava DB
Slava Azov
Slava UA army
Slava for the people and military who die in the war

god bless you guys stay strong stay safe stay a life
and kill match mother fuckers from russia

Nico Brouwers
Almere Netherlands
Ukrainian nazis
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War in Ukraine, Part 44 (Lohvynove) | History Battlefront Camera Ukrainian War latest 1 day ago   15:00

This is the 44th episode of the series “About the ATO – History of War.” In 2014, the Russian Federation committed an act of armed aggression against Ukraine. The war has been going on for several years now. Hot on the heels, we are following the course of this war, tracing the links between military operations, diplomacy, politics and economics and are trying to understand how it all happened and, most importantly, why.
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