What Really Happened at UFC 237 (Rose 25 Cockiest Fighters Get KTFO Part 1 day ago   11:11

Here I will breakdown and analyze the stunning bout in Rose Namajunas vs Jessica Andrade. How was Rose taking over? Where was Andrade falling short? What happened in the takedown?

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If a rematch happens it will be nerve racking. Rose can beat her for sure, not happy with mma gods on this one.
Ed Neg
rodolf lum
thats why its called MMA not a boxing match. period. if you cant knockout a wrestler then you lose on points .
jellybelly jigglebottoms
Rose is the truth. Best in the ufc.
I don't understand why there's so many dislikes, but this was as in-depth and accurate of a breakdown as you can get from that fight.
Chelen de corazones
Es un fraude mi tía lla se enojo😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
Brian Mcminn
Rose didbt fight in over a year that's what happened she took way to much time off she is by far the better fighter but got caught
Roberto Dias
A jessica guase quebrou o pescoço da rose"foi foda e la e muito forte tem sanque de indio"a rose trena tes de criança a jessica começou a luta pouco tempo e venceu a rose
St3vi3G 1985
Get a job dude
*Rose was winning until she lost. End of story.*
So now Joanna will beat Andrade again, then Rose will beat Joanna a 3rd time... and we'll be back where we started?
Justin Trowbridge
Yeah yeah man youre analizations mean shit when you get snatched up and body slammed and KNOCKED OUT!!! SHE WONT FIGHT AGAIN SHELL RETIRE LIKE ROUSEY..WATCH..
Source Light
Andrade tapped for some reason! Go back and watch
abe lincoln
Rose was dominating. She was slowing down a bit but by that point she was still in command, she just made a very small mental error in that grappling exchange, i think she was a bit too confident in her safety in those clinches, she underestimated Andrade's strength. A rematch, eventually, will likely go back to Rose, her footwork is the best in the division.

Johanna is still my favorite (who beat Andrade interestingly) but Rose is still very young and is more skilled overall. I think she will go hard on her grappling now and get even better for these types of situations.
Seth Stidams
Andrade tapped
Rodeo Ranger
The slam was Illegal...Rose was Spiked on her Neck and Head....The The New Unified Rules are very clear ... https://www.ufc.com/unified-rules-mixed-martial-arts
Billys Corner
what about Jessica tapping?
Shashank Ashish Singh
Rose's fanboys crying here how she is the best striker and better fighter. Like what the fuck fanboys? This is not a boxing match or a kickboxing fight going on here. This is MMA and all you crying and hurt fanboys must understand it. A fighter can a best striker or even a better grappler but then again, there are other martial arts which come into play in MMA. A wrestling slam is what that was. Wrestlers can overwhelm BJJ specialists any day and vice versa too. A striker can overwhelm a wrestler and the opposite is what we've been seeing lately in MMA. And at the end of the day, it's just out of a lot, what martial art helped you to win a fight and that's the beauty of MMA.
Rodeo Ranger
Rose was beaten by an "Illegal Move" according to UFC Rules....The Truth is the UFC , never had the guts to Enforce their own Rule in Brazil.... Spiking an opponent to the canvas on his head or neck. (see piledriver) . This was the only possible way the Brazilain could win as she was being completely outclassed on the feet.
holy dude, views went bananas, happy for you.
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25 Cockiest Fighters Get KTFO Part What Really Happened at UFC 237 (Rose 1 day ago   16:41

Part 9 of 25 cocky fighters in boxing and MMA who tasted the wrath of karma.

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