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Sometimes flight recorders are the only way the victims' families will know what happened to the plane.

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Immediately following an airplane crash anywhere in US territory, the National Transportation Safety Board dispatches a team of investigators to survey the wreckage, gather information from the airline and from air traffic control, and retrieve the plane's so-called "black boxes."

These flight recorders — one stores cockpit audio recordings, the other stores airplane instrument data — are sent to NTSB's lab in Washington, DC, for analysis. There, officials listen to what are sometimes the pilots' final, panicked moments of life. They interpret not only what the pilots were saying before the crash but also any snaps, bangs, and alarms captured by the cockpit area microphone.

By combining those audio clues with data from the plane's instruments and sensors, as well as evidence from the scene, investigators can usually determine the cause of the crash, even in cases with no surviving witnesses.

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You are good techer
The Comet is a stunning looking plane .
3:31 that second sound with the impact of the wind at the nose was actually used in another Vox video when they made that Biomimicry video, the part where the air pressure was at its highest at the end of the tunnel and creates a loud bang when the train exits the tunnel and the air pressure is let out
TheGaming Dogge
Black boxes are called blox box because once it is recoverd its burned very much its a black box
A. Raafe
alucard alucardidis
Deita recorder?
Dan Stewart
Every Vox video narrated by a male has an unmistakable effeminate feel to it.
David S. Hasanli
It called black box because it shed light to many peoples death
Emrey TV
Fun fact: The first ever comet to depart there was a famous BBC reporter on board and he died during the comet first flight in aviation history.
I like Vox’s not political videos
James B. E.
Passengers should parachute out of the plane in the certainty of a crash.
James B. E.
Plane manufacturers should make the whole plane a black box, or at least the fuselage.
Didn't get the last debate on the phase "Black box". It's a very common term in UK engineering - used since at least 1902, long before the Wright brothers flight.
Rockie Kane
Why didn't the senior pilot take over?
Gorilla Glue
3:55 wouldn't it just be easier to make them float. Weird...
Khalid Hebshi
2:50 it is called Bank
Marcos Sanches
I know it as a MPFR [Multi Purpose Flight Recorder], I hate when there is water leak in its compartiment and the underwater beacon is triggered, always a problem.
Boat Axe
Three women are sitting next to each other on a plane, a beautiful woman, a rich woman and a black woman when the pilot announces “ Prepare for a crash landing “. The beautiful woman really dolls herself up and says “ I’m the prettiest, so they’ll rescue me first “, the rich woman puts on all of her most expensive jewelry and says “ I’m the richest, so they’ll rescue me first “, the black woman pulls up her skirt, pulls down her panties, spreads her legs and says “ the first thing they look for is a black box”!
Now the data should be sent real-time to servers in the NTSB or at least to Boeing or Airbus depending, so that if the plane crashes into a very dangerous place to access or can't find the BlackBox, have all that information already in the servers and databases
Jack Kraken
I see a flight recorder and I wanted painted black.
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Walking while black Airplane black boxes, explained 1 day ago   07:59

Jacksonville’s enforcement of pedestrian violations raises concerns about another example of racial profiling:

After watching a viral video of a Jacksonville cop stopping a young black man for jaywalking, reporters Ben Conarck and Topher Sanders examine how “walking while black” can come at a high price. In this second piece of the Vox + ProPublica collaboration, they dig into how police citations for pedestrian violations often fall along the lines of race and poverty, and introduce us to some of the people fighting these tickets.

Check out the full ProPublica/Florida Times-Union piece at for their in-depth reporting, and stay tuned for more stories in this collaboration! If you'd like to sign up to receive more ProPublica journalism, go here:

And watch Devonte Shipman’s full video here:
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