Evidence of Liquid Water Lake Watch in 360 the inside of a nuclear reactor 2 days ago   11:11

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For the first time ever, liquid water has been discovered on Mars and the significance of this discovery cannot be overstated, as it virtually guarantees that life does indeed exist on Mars today, at least in some form, based everything that we currently know about the building blocks for life, because where there is water, there is life.

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Matt Hennie
You make some really good points about the water on Mars. I’ve never thought of it that way when it comes to the lake and river beds not having been eroded away yet
Raj Shekhar
I like how you question everything and dont just trust dogmatic experts like most people. We need more people like Jimmy who do their own research and use logic to deduce obvious fallacies and lies that we are fed constantly.
Jasmine Luxemburg
Water is THE most important requirement for life to exist - as we know it. Ice under the surface on mars suggests there will be life, if only microbial. If so and it proves to be unrelated to life on earth..... wow ! If also based on DNA, then it suggests panspermia is active in our solar system ! That should make us happy, because we can screw up our planet without extinguishing all life - and we have not stopped polluting and exterminating ....even though the impact is known . We are clever but we certainly are not wise. We need to stop ✋ acting like more necessarily means better ! Stop swallowing that falsehood and start expecting and demanding more meaningful and wiser lives for all and wiser societies that have means to evaluate decisions in meaningful ways. What excuse is there when we have this tool, the internet, and online translation and one amazing wonderful planet worthy of respect and care ! Subject isolation and the myopia it fosters are an ideological impediment. Experts will not save us from disastrous decisions and destructive projects. The knowledgable are not necessarily wise ! collective wisdom is the only path forward for humanity. Demand that. Value that. Foster and safeguard it. Build a legacy worthy of endurance rather than trashing yet more of the wonders of the universe.
More Than Wiser
You had said Stand Storms at one point 😂 👍🏼
is it just me or the audio seems off?
Ricky JJ
Maybe they are not river beds... more like wind channels just groves worn out from eons of sandstorms creating a river bed effect
Ricardo Colteste
Hi Jimmy...have you done the videos on your bio yet?...dunno if I missed it.
Chris Backhouse
It's interesting that NASA provides as much information and detail as they can about an upcoming operation/mission, but once it's commenced, there's silence. You surely wouldn't invest so much money just to make a show about the intro, then cancel the movie after the first 5 minutes?
Scott Halloween
_I have a cunning plan_
If comets are just dirty snowballs..build an engine for Halley’s Comet and fire it enough to change its orbit..
And 100 years later ...pound it into Mars.
Let’s get terraforming
Your pal
george wood
great work again thanks again
Sean Wilkerson
"Where there is water, there is life." Not necessarily. However, it is required, as far as we know, for life to exist in the first place.
Graeme Hill
Ummmmm sorry bro, australia has the largest oldest surface exposed layer of ancient bedrock on earth, i'm from Karratha that place is on the western edge of some of the oldest surface terrain on earth, dating 4+ billion years, it's amazing, one Australian spring you should make an "on location" working holiday to Karijini national park, it's truly breath taking, spring is best because no cyclones or frigid nights. #LLAP
There has been news of moss on Mars for a couple years. Wont talk about where I heard that just incase but moss needs water. And its living.
Kenneth Edwards
The atmosphere is increadably thin .Comparing it to earthlike geology is difficult .Your ideas are increadably intresting .I believe in a far more recent geology than stated by official science .
Washington Jefferson
Hey Jimmy, look up Charles hall. There’s plentyOf material to be researched with his story. I for one would be very interested in your take on his life story.
Agreed, you make a very strong case for the surface of mars to have had running water much more recently. Great video!
Ide lean towards a solid type "mars" liquid suspended in a great abyss thicker liquid. Until NASA stops faking everything
Bryce Lowry
It’s interesting to me that across the globe, Mars was consistently called things like war, death, destruction, murder. I have a hunch there were people there in ancient history and something terrible happened, and ancient people on earth were aware of it.
Cooper Cooper
3 billion years... they don’t understand what that means!
Cooper Cooper
{{{There is life on Mars}}}!!!{!!!}!!!}!{!!}!!{! Period!
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Watch in 360 the inside of a nuclear reactor Evidence of Liquid Water Lake 2 days ago   03:42

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