“Montreal Has a Better Atmosphere than Gooners Take Over White 1 day ago   14:01

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“Montreal Has a Better Atmosphere than the Emirates!” - Arsenal vs West Ham MATCHDAY VLOG

My first Premier League match experience! Join me as I head to the Emirates to watch Arsenal take on West Ham in a London Derby! How does the match day experience compare to MLS matches such as the Montreal Impact? Well, let’s just say, the Arsenal fans are a little more passive.

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Ngongo Gongo
you are the type of person we don't want at our footy games better you went to arsenal and not west ham, and about england not having trouble with hooliganism look at england in Amsterdam 2018, england fans at euro 2016. plus england in Germany in 2001 and 2006 always a good crack. u no nothing about English football keep your Canadian opinion to your dopey self k
Robert Peel
You should go stamford bridge or anfield if you want a stadium with good atmosphere and character
Aleksander Barseth
fuck off
Safwan Hossain
Yo this was a sick video. and you actually saw arsenal winning a game, another unexpected thing!
Excuse me Adrian, but are you referencing the March 11, 2017 Montreal v Seattle game?

Where the Sounders got the GAME TYING GOAL in the 93rd minute? ;)
Angelo Delevingne
Nice 👍👍👍
Funky Monkey1886
Welcome to corporate premier league football. There are a number of reasons for the atmosphere at the Emirates. Firstly let's clear up the 'library' name other fans use. That followed us from Highbury (Highbury the library, the wit kills me). When we were at Highbury the atmosphere was way better. It was a small ground and in many aspects unique. We lost some atmosphere when we moved. Secondly there are too many plastic and corporate fans there. The tickets are some of the most expensive in the country. Third, the ground, as nice as it is is a bowl. Highbury was four stands and had the North Bank where the chants and singing usually started, often getting the opposite Clock End involved. Fourth, and don't take this the wrong way but there are too many tourists going who don't have a vested interest and don't get involved.
Our away fans make a lot of noise just like the Hammers fans did at the Emirates. Interestingly if you'd have gone to the London Stadium you'd have been saying the same thing about atmosphere. A lot of the new grounds have removed the soul from the crowd. Oh and beer in the stands isn't happening anytime ever. I don't think you maybe understand how bad the hooligan problem could be back in the day. It's still there just happens away from the grounds now. If you want the atmosphere go to a smaller older ground.
Lastly for a guy that seems to like to get pronunciation right do not pronounce the 'h' in Thames. It's Tems. And I've never heard anyone in the UK pronounce bagel that way :)
At least you saw us win. COYG.
Miguel Vallejo
You should go to Atlanta to the Mercedes Benz Stadium. That stadium is just breathtaking, and the way Atlanta United and Josef Martinez are playing is just worth the ticket.
Bear Grylls
Such an honour to experience such a great Player like Own Goal live on the pitch.
Route One Online
Arsenals atmosphere is notoriously bad. Sitting in the North Bank Lower is incredible, and going for a pint afterward helps us cope.
Do you have any plans to go see a benfica game? 🤔🤔
Junn Tan
Why u dissin ma team donarumma
At least it isnt toxic and constantly booing opposition players in a derby, Montreal fans are gross
McKingDonaldBuger *
I'm a west ham fan that game was tough bro
Israel Mendez
Attended arsenal match
Geo Núñez
Finally someone who says bellerin's name right
Eddie H
Looking like Lucas Perez in the thumbnail
Deniz Akin
If you want to have good atmosphere, come to Germany. Dortmund, Schalke, Frankfurt are all teams with great atmosphere.
Urius Tosh
1. When will Andre Villas Boas take over another big club soon and which one might it be?
2. Also, of the rumored leagues interested, which team would be a good fit for Joseph Martinez come January?

Depending on how the teams play, perhaps Villas Boas could go to AC Milan or Nice. As for Joey, a team like Bordeaux needs firepower, so does Newcastle. And I think he can play at that level if he keeps us his form. Even Sevilla could be a wild shot. With Mariano signing hijacked by Madrid, Martinez would be a cheaper option who might be up to the challenge of contributing. It's strange to say, but an MLS golden boot winner might actually be able to step into a top half table team in a top European league.
Omar Riyami
Finallyyyy i was waiting for this video since u mentioned it in your past video, loved it. Btw I was expecting a watchalong for benfica vs paok, anyways congrats on qualifying for ucl and pushing liverpool down to pot 3. We may get a group of death coz of that.
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Gooners Take Over White “Montreal Has a Better Atmosphere than 1 day ago   11:41

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