How to Make a High Speed Mini 8 DIY INVENTIONS IDEAS !!! with DC Motor 2 days ago   08:07

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Nazrul Islam
Well the drill you make its pretty weak and useless
Bravo !
Ansar Bhatti
This drill hole on metal easily?
God Himself
So, if you need a drill to make a drill, how was the first drill made, said one of my naive childs.

Said I, the almighty, I created it.
Squiggly Line
Uses drill
fernando espinosa perez
Life Hacker Buddy
Which motorr is this?
Amar Noui
hight definition thnx
Caruluk Majaparana
Bang itu yg nempel Ama as dinamonya yg ngepas ama kepalabornya ukuran berapa
siddharth Tiwari
Totally useless ""
Harry Singh
Nice clearty video and making
Zašto mislim da si iz srbije? Možda zbog štapića za sladoled, a možda zbog toga što koristiš izolir traku... 😂😂
aditya yadav
aditya yadav
go - Kreatif
good job
Anyone in 2019. Diy #eggBeater :-
Logeswari Nandagopal
Bro what is the name of the motor
اموتن بيك
جميل جدن
0:35 0:40 So you need driller to make driller
kuvariya Avinash kuvariya Avinash
☺Avinash kuvariya ☺
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8 DIY INVENTIONS IDEAS !!! with DC Motor How to Make a High Speed Mini 2 days ago   39:31

I hope that one of these ideas will make you think it's interesting

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