WE DID IT!!! Kendall Gray vs. Unauthorized Ground 1 day ago   14:43

Kendall Gray
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Ace Hottell
Chase Clark
Your the best
Chase Hart
You are great
Dayton Higgs
Who won?
Jack Iddles
Hit the like button if you think the gray gang can hit 21million👍
Courtney Brown
Hey Kendall when are your your knives going to be back in stock
I love your videos keep the good work up
Luke Stults
Wkik Lorba
He looks like 17 yr old randy orton
William Kelmanson
I love your work KG but I can not afford international postage
Collin Lough
Yo I’ve been watching your vids since you were at ten mil also your a.p.p is amazing I use it for my fresh water tackle and love it so much also I’m scared cause we might be moving out of Florida and I don’t wanna leave
Collin Lough
Collinbe_ballin plz plz
We AlwaysSkill
kendall you have made my life the best just because my family is having problems with money so we can’t get a lot of food so if i get that hunting or fishing stuff it would really help brooks.garvey is my insta brooks_g87 is my snapchat
Ella Simonds
Ye Ye. I love you KG your the best.
Riley jamieson
I want the hunting bag
Dylan Fuqua
Campfires, Antlers, and Lures
Love your videos Kendall Gray! Bforde35
Dean Lammas
you are cool
Dakota Allen
If you dislike Kendall’s videos you’re not worthy of even watching them
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Kendall Gray vs. Unauthorized Ground WE DID IT!!! 1 day ago   12:55

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